Program in Evidence-Based Care

The Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) [OH (CCO)] internationally recognized Program in Evidence-Based Care's (PEBC) role is to improve the quality of cancer care by helping to apply the best scientific evidence in practice and decisions.

The PEBC does this by leading the development of evidence-based guidance documents in all major disease areas and across all clinical programs. Guidelines span the areas of screening, diagnostic assessment, treatment and supportive care. Over 200 clinicians and other experts are involved in the multidisciplinary panels, who develop and assess these guidelines, and over 1,000 additional reviewers are available to participate in the process through external review.

The PEBC’s evidence-based guidelines and standards are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as on the Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) web site. OH (CCO) built on the PEBC’s well-established expertise in producing clinical guidelines for the care of individual patients to include the development of organizational and system standards that set expectations for organizations delivering cancer services in terms of personnel, expertise, facilities and services.

The PEBC also researches the best ways to implement guidelines and apply evidence to clinical practice.

The PEBC is linked academically to the Department of Oncology at McMaster University, an internationally recognized leader in evidence-based medicine and health care.

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