An immunotherapy treatment developed by a McMaster University scientist is being hailed as a potential game-changer in the global fight against COVID-19.

The Syntem immunotherapy platform, launched by Anna Biosciences, can halt viral infection and destroy cells infected with COVID-19. Syntem is effective against emerging COVID-19 variants and researchers are hopeful it can be used to safely treat immunocompromised patients.

“Like vaccines in the 20th century, synthetic small-molecule immunotherapy is on the precipice of advancing human health in untold ways. A powerful new tool is on the horizon in our fight against coronaviruses. And that is just the beginning of this technology’s potential,” said Dr. Anthony Rullo, assistant professor of medicine at McMaster and a co-founder of Anna Biosciences.

Anna Biosciences launched Syntem as its first commercialization initiative, but it will not be its last.

The company is currently working on adapting the Syntem platform as an anti-cancer immunotherapy treatment.


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