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Attention Customers: We have changed our Sanger Sequencing Service.  

Sanger sequencing now takes place every Tuesday and Thursday.  Samples must be submitted by 9:00 am, otherwise, they will be included in the next run.  You must fill out this digital Sequencing Submission Form and email it in Word format to preferably 24-hours before submitting any samples.  Please include a paper copy of the form when you drop off your samples.  Presently, we do not offer printouts of the results.

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McMaster Genomics Facility encompasses both the Farcombe Metagenomics Facility (FMF) and the Mobix Lab.

The Farncombe Metagenomics Facility (FMF) provides Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) using a variety of platforms including: Illumina NextSeq 2000, Ilumina MiSeq and the Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) Sequel I System.  We offer DNA, RNA and protein analysis using Nanostring nCounter technology.  Other services include DNA and RNA quality assessment (Agilent Bioanalyzer and Tapestation), DNA shearing (Covaris) and size selection (Blue Pippin).  We encourage you to contact us regarding your project design for any new study.  Our bioinformatician can assist you with data analysis on a fee-for-service basis.                                  

The Mobix Lab provides high-quality capillary-based fluorescent Sanger Sequencing and Fragment analysis using our Applied Biosystems 3730 Genetic Analyzer.  Our services also include DNA and RNA Oligo synthesis service through our IDT portal as well as access to our onsite FroggaBio Biobar.  More information can be found in our Mobixlab-Infobook-2022.


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    McMaster Genomics Facility and MOBIX Lab

    Health Sciences Centre, Rm 3N4
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    Phone 905-525-9140 Ext. 27048 or 28013
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    Facility Manager: Christine Mader (King)
    Technician:  Liliana De Sousa
    Technician: Leanne Blanchard
    Bioinformatician: Judith (Jake) Szamosi

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