If you ask Dr. Lori Whitehead about the most valuable skills students can acquire, she won’t point to a specific lesson or hands-on experience. Instead, Dr. Whitehead – the Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program – says some of the most valuable things students can learn at McMaster are innovation, creativity, and flexibility.

 “We teach them about the importance of creative thinking. We try to do that at McMaster with our learners, but it threads through the entire university,” Dr. Whitehead said.

Dr. Whitehead’s work as Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program focuses on seeing 118 postgraduate students through the intensive, three-year stretch after medical school that allows students to hone their skills and zero in on a specialty.

Meanwhile  Dr. Azim Gangji, the Director of the Nephrology and Transplant Fellowship Program and the Vice President of Education at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, has introduced various innovative programs for internal medicine residents.

One of Dr. Gangji’s biggest innovations in teaching was introducing a casebased learning curriculum for internal medicine residents along with Dr. Ted Xenodemotropolous, the first one of its kind in the country. This means that instead of learning in a lecturebased format, McMaster residents break into smaller groups and learn by reviewing specific scenarios that mirror real-world examples.

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