The Clinic @ Mac is McMaster University’s new home for entrepreneurial training in healthcare. Its physical space, in the library of the Health Sciences Centre, was set to open in the spring but was postponed due to COVID-19. Despite the delay, the Michael G. DeGroote Health Innovation, Commercialization & Entrepreneurship (MGD Health ICE) initiative launched The Clinic @ Mac as a virtual experience for the summer of 2020.

Twenty-four Clinic Residents received the guidance, support, connections and education to move their healthcare innovation ideas forward while they helped build the future of The Clinic @ Mac.

The group of emerging health innovators represent undergraduate students, graduate students, researchers and clinicians from several faculties across campus. Learn more about the challenges they explored below.

While The Clinic @ Mac accepts project proposal from across campus, the majority of the members in this class had previous entrepreneurial training through the Innovators in Scrubs or Health Venture programs. 

The Clinic's first official cohort will run from October 2020 to June 2021. A call for applications will take place in late summer. Sign up for the MGD Health ICE's email notifications for details.

The Clinic @ Mac Residents, Summer 2020:

Team Clearly

How do we simplify medical records to make them easier for patients to understand?

  • Sarah Abdel-Rahman, iBioMed BME
  • Kay Wu, Medicine

Academic Supervisors: Abubaker Khalifa, MD and Sarrah Lal, MBA

Team ConsultLink

How do we simplify the consultation request process for hospitalists, optimize workflow for specialists, decrease wait time to treatment for patients, and provide greater resource visibility to hospital management?

  • Mitchell White (Ivey Business School)

Academic Supervisors: Abubaker Khalifa, MD and Sarrah Lal, MB

Team Contraception

How can we empower women to take control of their health by providing a convenient, non-invasive and hormone-free birth control option?

  • Fatima Ahmad, iBioMed HESE
  • Arham Arfeen, iBioMed HESE
  • Josie Carr Haris, iBioMed HESE
  • Yumna Irfan, iBioMed HESE
  • Brendan Tao, iBioMed HESE

Academic Supervisor: Anna Korol, PhD

Team FreeHand

How can we reimagine the human-computer interaction to help individuals with reduced motor function?

  • Ahmed Attia, iBioMed BME
  • Konrad Grala, iBioMed HESE
  • Amanda Tomkins, iBioMed BME

Academic Supervisors: Jocelyn Harris, PhD and Bill Wang, MD

Team Heart Monitoring

How do we guide outpatient heart failure management with an objective, reliable, non-invasive, and remote diagnostic tool?

  • Ankit Garg We, MD, Cardiology Resident
  • Seamus Ingram
  • Karlo Nesovic
  • Jessica Schultz
  • Thaejaesh Sooriyakmaran

Academic Supervisors: Hubert deBruin, PhD; Michael Noseworthy, PhD; and Sanjit Jolly, MD

Team NED

How can we create a reliable and efficient way to meet the demand for non-urgent patient transportation?

  • Emily Panousis, BDC
  • Dru Walji, PhD Candidate, Engineering
  • Chris Zhou ’20, BHSc

Academic Supervisors: Abubaker Khalifa, MD and Sarrah Lal, MBA

Team Nephrology

How can we improve the time-consuming kidney donor system so that patients and physicians can effectively engage with the overall process of donation?

  • Connor Hsu, iBioMed HESE

Academic Supervisors: Anna Korol, PhD and Seychelle Yohanna, MD

Team STEMI App

How can a smartphone application help patients receive immediate care from a physician when experiencing a heart attack?

  • Hassan Mir, MD
  • Talha Syed, MD
  • J-D Schwalm, MD
  • Michael Tsang, MD

Academic Supervisors: Sarrah Lal, MBA and Madhu Natarajan, MD