McMaster University's Faculty of Health Sciences' Community of Distinction is a high-profile gallery located in the Ewart Angus Centre of McMaster University's Health Sciences Centre. It honours Faculty of Health Sciences' alumni, faculty and staff who have brought distinction and recognition to McMaster University and the Faculty of Health Sciences through outstanding scholarship and innovative research. The Community was founded in 2003 and has since inducted 60 members. Their portraits, and a description of their work, are in the gallery in the lobby of the

Award Committee

To create a pictorial history of McMaster's Faculty of Health Sciences by honouring alumni, faculty and staff who have brought distinction and recognition to McMaster University and the Faculty of Health Sciences through their outstanding achievement.

Annually, up to four individuals may be selected for inclusion in the Community of Distinction.

The successful nominee will satisfy one of the following:

  • Distinguished contribution in scholarship, or
  • Conspicuous contribution in the science or delivery of health care, or
  • Demonstrated outstanding leadership that is recognized by his/her peers

Do you know a former faculty, staff or alumni member who is deserving of being recognized by the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University? The Community of Distinction is the Faculty of Health Sciences' highest honour, in tribute to those who have brought worldwide renown to the university.

The 2022 Community of Distinction Induction ceremony and reception will celebrate the inductees that have been nominated and selected for induction during the COVID-19 pandemic, while our recognition programs were paused. We will return to our regular nomination and induction process commencing with our 2023 nomination process. Call for nominations will be forthcoming for the 2023 Community of Distinction nominees in late 2022.

The criterion for induction is distinguished contribution in scholarship or in the science or delivery of health care, or demonstrated outstanding leadership that is recognized by peers. Those eligible include former full-time and part-time faculty, staff and alumni of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

For more information, contact Chantall Van Raay at or by phone at 905-525-9140, ext. 20204

James Anderson (2005)
Maureen Andrew (2017)
Heather Arthur (2018)
Oded Bar-Or (2007)
Howard S. Barrows (2005)
John Basmajian (2003)
John Bienenstock (2014)
Arthur N. Bourns (2008)
Michael Boyle
Gina Browne (2019)
Moran Campbell (2004)
May Cohen (2003)
Barbara Cooper (2013)
Edwin E. Daniel (2006)
Peter Dent (2015)
Alba DiCenso (2016)
Jerry Dolovich (2003)
Nathan B. Epstein (2009)
Murray Enkin (2003)
John Evans (2003)
Barbara Ferrier (2009)
Susan French (2004)
Jack Gauldie (2015)
Michael Gent (2006)
Peter George (2015)
Gerhard Gerber (2012)
Frank Graham (2012)
Frederick E. Hargreave (2011)
Delsworth Harnish (2019)
Brian Haynes (2017)
Jack Hirsh (2008)
Richard H. Hunt (2016)
Norman L. Jones (2010)
Karyn Kaufman (2010)
Mary Law (2016)
Jonathan Lomas (2014)
Alan McComas (2013)
Ludmila (Niky) Melichar (2006)
C. Barber Mueller (2005)
J. Fraser Mustard (2003)
Geoff Norman (2017)
Bernie O'Brien (2007)
David R. (Dan) Offord (2005)
Alma Reid (2003)
Raelene Rathbone (2014)
Beatrix Robinow (2004)
Helen Saarinen-Rahikka (2008)
David Sackett (2003)
Saroj Saigal (2018)
Malcolm Sears (2019)
John Sellors (2012)
Jack Sinclair (2007)
Ruth Snider (2010)
William Spaulding (2004)
Henry (Harry) Thode (2003)
John Thomas (2011)
George Torrance (2006)
Karin von Schilling (2006)
William Walsh (2004)
Alvin Zipursky (2009)
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