The curriculum is offered as a full-time, two-year, entry-level master's program. The curriculum is divided into five university-based terms of study with four practica courses integrated throughout the 24-month period.

Each term has a particular focus and is organized to integrate our educational and professional conceptual frameworks.

Courses card
SLP 711 / Problem-Based Tutorial I
SLP 712 / Clinical Skills Lab I
SLP 713 / Foundational Knowledge I
SLP 714 / Inquiry Seminar I
SLP 721 / Problem-Based Tutorial II
SLP 722 / Clinical Skills Lab II
SLP 723 / Foundational Knowledge II
SLP 724 / Inquiry Seminar II
SLP 725 / Clinical Practice I
SLP 731 / Problem-based Tutorial III
SLP 732 / Clinical Skills Lab III
SLP 733 / Foundational Knowledge III
SLP 734 / Inquiry Seminar III
SLP 735 / Clinical Practice II
SLP 741 / Problem-based Tutorial IV
SLP 742 / Clinical Skills Lab IV
SLP 743 / Evidence-Based Practice and Clinical Research
SLP 744 / Foundational Knowledge IV
SLP 745 / Clinical Practice III
SLP 751 / Problem-based Tutorial V
SLP 752 / Clinical Skills Lab V
SLP 754 / Foundational Knowledge V
SLP 755 / Clinical Practice IV
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