Student Evaluation

Formative and summative approaches are used to evaluate student performance on a regular basis throughout the MSc(PT) Program. A variety of evaluation methods are used to assure faculty, patients, clients, and society that students and graduates possess the required knowledge, skills, and professional behaviours to function as competent autonomous professionals.

The selection of an evaluation method is based on educational purpose (e.g., formative or summative), learning objective domain (e.g., cognitive, psychomotor, affective), measurement properties (e.g., reliability, validity, generalizability), and feasibility (e.g., time needed, resources required, costs).

Note: McMaster University unequivocally states that scholarly integrity is required of all its members. All MSc(PT) students and faculty are expected to be aware of and abide by the Academic Integrity Policy at McMaster University.

Some student evaluation methods used in the MSc(PT) Program include:

Tutorial Performance
Written Exams
Modified Essay Questions (MEQs)
Written Assignments
Direct Observation
Objective and Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
Learning Contracts