See what current students and alumni have to say about the MSc Physiotherapy Program.

  • Hayley Ng, MSc Physiotherapy Student

    “There are various things I like about the McMaster Physiotherapy Program. I appreciate our knowledgeable professors who always push us to be the best we can be and challenge us to think in different ways. They are also very supportive, as they are willing to provide help whenever it is needed. Additionally, I am grateful for the smaller class size, as it provides adequate time for practicing skills with our peers and asking questions as the professors circulate. During my undergraduate career, most of my courses were taught in a didactic manner. As a quiet student, I enjoyed learning material through lectures and independent studying. However, after engaging in problem based learning (PBL) in the McMaster Physiotherapy program, I realized the various benefits of learning in this way. Due to the discussion-based format of tutorials, students have the opportunity to teach and learn from each other, while receiving guidance from a tutor. These tutorials provide a safe space to make mistakes and work with others to think through a case scenario involving a person with a certain condition, while addressing real life complexities that may arise. By participating in these tutorials, we are able to use an active, rather than passive, learning approach, which facilitates long term retention of information, in a more interactive way. Now that I have experience in the academic and clinical placement aspects of the program, I realized that the skills acquired from engaging in PBL are the exact skills that are required in clinical practice.”

    Hayley Ng

    MSc(PT) Student, Class of 2021

  • Sunket Kulkarni, MSc Physiotherapy Student

    “McMaster physiotherapy provides a unique learning experience that aims to prepare students for emerging practice in physiotherapy. Problem Based Learning (PBL) is grounded in the principles of self-directed learning where students are placed in small groups and discuss different healthcare problems. It allows for a more abstract learning experience and prepares graduates for the level of collaboration present in clinical practice. McMaster is also one of the only schools that has the opportunity of having a placement in Northern Ontario which lets you experience physiotherapy in rural communities and the novelties that come with that. McMaster has a spiral curriculum where you are initially taught a little about everything, providing you with a wide breadth of knowledge. Every unit you revisit concepts in more detail and build upon previous knowledge. I personally believe it prepares students for clinical placements and helps solidify learning by presenting the same topic in different courses at similar time points.”

    Sunket Kulkarni

    MSc(PT) Student, Class of 2021

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