Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes:

  1. Provide students with a variety of innovative learning experiences that reflect current and emerging practices in physiotherapy and education.

  2. Provide students with an academic and clinical educational foundation that enables them to safely practice within the professional, legal and ethical framework of physiotherapy practice.

  3. Promote the importance of professional growth and life-long learning to the continued development of self as physiotherapist.

  4. Deliver a curriculum that is responsive to the educational needs of students and communities served by the McMaster Physiotherapy Program.

  5. Ensure program quality through ongoing assessment of outcomes.

  6. Educate the communities served by the McMaster Physiotherapy Program about current and emerging roles of physiotherapy.


Student Outcomes/Expected Graduate Attributes (Essential Competencies):

As experts in movement function and dysfunction and functional performance who promote, improve, and maintain mobility and health, graduates of the McMaster Physiotherapy Program will:

  • Demonstrate clinical competency in physiotherapy diagnosis, prognosis, evaluation, treatment planning, and implementation across health care settings. (*Physiotherapy Expert)

  • Collaborate in a professional, ethical, legal, and compassionate manner to optimize health care delivery. (*Professionalism, *Collaboration, *Communication, *Management)

  • Demonstrate a commitment to society and physiotherapy through advocacy and advancement of the profession. (*Leadership, *Scholarship, *Professionalism, *Communication, *Collaboration)

  • Critically evaluate and effectively apply evidence as a basis for physiotherapy practice in order to determine the effectiveness of interventions and to contribute to the body of knowledge in physiotherapy. (*Scholarship, *Management)

  • Function as effective knowledge exchange brokers using a variety of communication mediums, including verbal and written communication, and technology. (*Communication, *Collaboration, *Scholarship)

  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to safely function as an autonomous and self-regulated physiotherapy professional in all roles. (*Physiotherapy Expert, *Professionalism, *Scholarship)

*Essential Competencies -