Partner Benefits

Partner Benefits

The McMaster OT program greatly values the time and expertise of our clinical partners. We can never come close to fully expressing the depth of our gratitude for your help in turning our students into effective clinicians, but here are some “thank you perks” we’ve been able to put together for you.

Faculty Appointment “Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct)”

There are many benefits associated with having a faculty appointment, including free library access and free or discounted attendance at courses offered by the Program for Faculty Development. Click here for the faculty appointment information page, including the link to the application form, and click here for the McMaster CV template. Once the faculty appointment application is approved and processed, click here to access the Health Sciences Library. 

Honorariums and Stipends

A Preceptor for a student placement will receive an honorarium in the amount of $50/student/placement week (e.g., if the Preceptor took one student for an 8-week full-time placement, the honorarium would be $400). Payments are issued at the end of each placement. The default option is to issue the payment direct to the Preceptor, and a T4A will also be issued. However, if the facility requires the payment to be made to the facility, this can be done. If there is more than on Preceptor supervising a student, the funds will be split according to the Preceptors’ direction.

Recognition at your Organization

Each year, OTs who demonstrate high levels of commitment to clinical teaching receive certificates and their managers receive letters of recognition. 

Access to Knowledge

We offer online “thank you” workshops twice per year on varied topics of interest to our clinical community. A joint OT-SLP clinical supervisor workshop is also offered annually. All of these workshops are free of charge for those who have recently taken or will soon be taking students on placement.

Access to Research

This is a new, evolving community engagement offering at McMaster. For general information about community engagement efforts, please visit here. Examples of some of the research access initiatives currently underway include:

Program Development and Networking Opportunities

Our community partners have tremendous knowledge and experience to share to continuously improve the calibre of our student programming. You may therefore receive requests to participate in program development activities, such as being guest instructors, developing cases for our problem-based tutorials, designing innovative placement initiatives, reviewing placement evaluation systems, development and implementation of award programs, and many others. In addition to helping with program development, many clinicians report great value in being able to network with other OT colleagues during these activities.