Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are frequently asked questions sorted by the topic of question.  If there are any questions that are not answered below and can't be found throughout our website please reach out to

Does the OT program have any prerequisites?
Do you require references or a personal statement?
Can I meet with faculty or staff to discuss my transcripts, application or admission criteria?
Can I apply as a mature student?
Can I get advanced standing based on courses completed from another professional program?
Do you offer a part-time or online option?
What was the average GPA for incoming students?
Can you assist me with my sub-GPA calculation?
If a retake a course which grade will be used in my sub-GPA calculation?
I am in my fourth year and want to apply, however I won't be finished by June 30, does that matter?
I have a bachelors degree in occupational therapy from another country, am I eligible to apply?
What is Professional Practica/Clinical Placement?
Who arranges clinical placements?
Can students ask to be assigned to specific placements?
Can clinical partners request specific students?
Where can students be assigned to clinical placements?
Do I need a vehicle / my own transit to complete this program?