The Master of Health Management program has one annual fall intake. The application cycle runs from October through January each year for the following September intake.


The application cycle for September 2021 intake is OPEN:

October 19, 2020-January 18, 2021.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for the Master of Health Management degree program, applicants must meet the minimum requirements as noted below:

Minimum Requirements - Regulated Health Professional
Minimum Requirements - Non-Regulated Professional
Am I a Regulated Health professional?

Essential Skills and Attributes for the Program:

The below outline and describe the various skills, attributes and attitudes required for admission into and success in completing the MHM program.  Students with the requisite skills and attributes are welcome to apply to the Program. If admitted to the MHM program, students with disabilities requiring accommodations are responsible for engaging with McMaster University’s Student Accessibility Services (SAS) in a timely manner, so that the University can work with the student to identify their needs and put proper accommodations in place.

Aptitude and attitude
Communication skills
Self-directed learning skills
Computer literacy and Internet literacy skills
Critical thinking skills
Functional skills

Application Process

In addition to fulfilling the Admission Requirements, an online application is required to be completed through the School of Graduate Studies at McMaster University application portal.

Steps to a Complete Application Package:

The following items outline the various steps and documents that are needed to complete submit a complete application package. The necessary documents may be uploaded through the McMaster University, School of Graduate Studies application portal site within the section requesting your CV and Statement of Interest.

International and Domestic Applicants
Select a Stream: Part-time Vs Full-time
Secure one (1) Academic Reference
Secure two (2) Professional or Workplace-related reference
Provide a Statement of Interest (SOI)
Provide a CV/Resume
Submit Transcript(s)
Provide the Regulated vs Non-Regulated Documentation
Provide Proof of English Language Proficiency
Submit Fee and Application

Selection Process

The application to the program is a multi-staged process.

All completed applications will be examined. Those that meet the admission requirements of the Program are assessed by our Admissions Committee. If the MHM Admissions Committee supports the application, a recommendation is submitted to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for approval. Successful candidates will receive a letter of offer, by email, from the McMaster University School of Graduate Studies. All applicants are expected to respond within the specified time to the School of Graduate Studies when accepting or declining an offer. Applicants who cannot be placed will receive notification by email from the MHM Admissions Committee.

It is important to note the following items:

  • Meeting the admissions requirement does not guarantee admission. Admission is by selection.
  • Material sent to support an application cannot be returned.
Program reviews completed applications
Admissions Committee assesses applications
Admissions Committee recommendation is sent to Graduate Studies
Graduate Studies review recommendations and send offers

Policy and Procedures

  • As per the McMaster University School of Graduate Studies Calendar, admission is competitive; meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. The admission decision is not subject to appeal.

The Fall 2020 intake application cycle is CLOSED.

Mark your calendar for October 2020 for the start of the next cycle: September 2021.


Application Portal

Please ensure that all fields are filled out correctly and all supplementary documents are provided.

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