Study 4: Nasal allergen challenge in cat allergic subjects

Time course of appearance of Fel d1 specific T cells in peripheral blood following nasal allergen challenge in cat allergic subjects

Principal Investigator

Dr. Helen Neighbour


The study is an open label study with all participants receiving allergen challenge with cat allergen. Cat allergic, healthy adults (male or female more than 18 years of age) will be recruited by reviewing an existing database, advertising, and by inviting patients who attend the Firestone Clinic. This research is being done to identify the time course of appearance of cat allergen specific T cells following nasal allergen challenge in order to further understand the function of T cells in the allergic response and also to guide us on optimum sampling times in future studies.

For more information about this study, please contact:

Study Coordinator: Dr. Christian Gysin


Phone: 905-522-1155 ext. 34933

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