Mood Disorders

Treatment for those with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness remains a significant need for the community. In Hamilton, robust services for treatment of Mood Disorders as well as Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders are available in inpatient and outpatient settings. These programs promote recovery through multilayered care plans involving expert use of pharmacotherapy as well as other biological, social and behavioural interventions.

The Mood Disorders Program includes a large, outpatient program, a 24 bed inpatient unit and a robust cohort of researchers. All residents have opportunity to gain skill in the use of ECT and rTMS.

The Schizophrenia & Community Integration Service is a large service encompassing three inpatient units, an outpatient case management service, three ACT teams and a First Episode Clinic. In addition to training opportunities in multi-disciplinary settings, residents have opportunities to participate in a wide spectrum of ongoing research including pathways to care including in ethnic minorities; metabolic syndrome; the relation between substance abuse and schizophrenia; neuro-cognition and the neurophysiology of language processing in psychosis; protein and genetic indicators for responsiveness to treatment; patient preferences for services; LGBTQ community and their experience of psychosis; the CTO process and predictors of success; and models for testing compounds for treatment including PCP and amphetamine models.

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