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The Public and Patient Engagement Evaluation Tool (PPEET) is a series of three questionnaires to evaluate public and patient engagement. The tool was developed primarily for use within health system organizations but has also been used to evaluate engagement within other contexts (e.g., health research). 

The PPEET consists of the following questionnaires:

  • Participant questionnaire: The purpose of the participant questionnaire is to obtain participants' assessments of the key features of the PPE initiative. Two versions of this questionnaire are available one to evaluate one-time engagements and one to evaluate on-going/long-term engagements.
  • Project questionnaire: The purpose of the project questionnaire is to review and assess the planning, execution, and impact of the engagement component. The tool includes three different modules, meant to be completed for each organization: planning the engagement component (Module A), assessing the engagement component of your project (Module B), and assessing the impact of the engagement component (Module C).
  • Organization questionnaire: The purpose of the organization questionnaire is to assess how engagement, as an organizational activity and responsibility, is being carried out within organizations.

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