OTepp Certificate Program Participant Testimonials

"I am feeling blessed because I chose to do the OTepp course in the first three months of my landing in Canada, due to which I saved my precious time and cleared my NOTCE - CAOT exam. Occupational therapy in Canada is evidence-based, highly client-centered and based entirely on specified ethics and standards. I know this sounds familiar to many internationally-educated OTs but believe me, reading words in the books and journals and understanding their thorough meaning is the actual bridge which one has to pass …I am mentioning this point because I was already an above-average student and an excellent OT in my country of origin but the valuable knowledge, guidance and the friendly conduct of OTepp team made me realize the gaps to be filled….Grab the opportunity and see yourself as an OT in Canada."
RJ, 2014

“I just want to share great news I received yesterday via my mailbox. I passed my NOTCE examination! …  I am really glad I made a very wise decision to join the OTepp program 8 months ago. As an internationally trained therapist, I had so many gaps and inadequacies in regards to my clinical knowledge of the Canadian Healthcare system. Through the well-structured and quality materials of the OTepp program, I was given such a comfortable and supportive environment to question, learn and to bridge and integrate my OT education.  Through it all, the OTepp program has indeed challenged my clinical reasoning, built my confidence and prepared me to be a competent occupational therapist working in Canada. I will definitely recommend this program to future internationally trained OTs who are in preparation for the examination. Once again a big thank you and my deepest appreciation for each and every teacher and staff that have played such a pivotal role as an inspiration and motivator in my learning journey.”
XYK, OTepp Certificate Program student, cohort 2013

“I was pleased to find out just before Christmas that I passed the exam! I am so happy!
I think doing the OTepp course really did make all the difference. Last time I did the exam I had no idea what to revise or any knowledge of the models used in Canada. I think the combination of CORE and exam prep are great for giving international students the information about the style of the exam questions and an understanding of the models, frames of reference and so on, which are used in Canada. Once again thank you to you and all your colleagues at OTepp.” “All the staff at OTepp have been very helpful and supportive and the course itself is well designed.”

Gemma, Core curriculum, cohort 2011

Aug 2009: “I am bursting... I passed the CAOT EXAM! Coupled with my stunned initial reaction was the thought that I didn't have to start a new career and I could proceed with being an OT.  At my age, and given my new interest (thanks to OTepp) in research I would be thrilled to do a Masters in Rehabilitation Science and am applying.  It is the OTepp program and your support and encouragement that have been the impetus for this exciting new direction. The small stipend I could receive as a grad student would be more than I have been receiving from social assistance. I would also have the opportunity for a teaching assistantship in the second year and a work bursary in the first year. I would no longer be unemployed.”

November 2011: “I finished my currency hours for the College and am completing their final administrative requirements. I am doing well in my school work, and hope to complete my MSc (RHBS) soon. I thoroughly enjoy the students ... I continue to discover interests and talents I was never aware of! I am taking my last course (a doctoral level philosophy course that I am finding soo interesting -- how crazy is that!), and I am trying desperately to also finish my thesis this term.”
Jasmin, 2009

"Good news! The registrar recommended me for the General Registry. They will send my license next week. Thank you very much for all your support, guidance, patience and understanding. I am also thanking OTepp and the whole team for all the support.
With the help from my preceptor and practicum coordinators, I sent a letter to the college stating that I completed 225 hours of placement and I did over 9 weeks of training plus two weeks of shadowing. I sent the letter together with my CAOT exam results, OTepp curriculum, fieldwork, evaluation and College Competency Form."

Aileen, 2009

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