Researchers donate PPE to hospitals

  • Jonathan Bramson (Vice Dean, Research) spoke to 900 CHML about McMaster researchers who have donated personal protective equipment from their labs to donate to hospitals.

Busting myths about COVID-19

  • Dawn Bowdish (Pathology and Molecular Medicine/IIDR) participated in a Sickboy postcast sharing her expertise around COVID-19.

The role bats play in the transmission of illnesses

  • Arinjay Banerjee (Pathology and Molecular Medicine/IIDR) spoke to CTV News why bat viruses are potentially deadly to human populations and the role they play in disease transmission.

Local researchers aim to test COVID-19 treatment

  • Salim Yusuf, Richard Whitlock, Mark Loeb and Emilie Belley-Côté (Population Health Research Institute) spoke to The Hamilton Spectator about a randomized clinical trial that they hope to launch in Hamilton in a matter of weeks. Richard Whitlock also spoke with CHCH TV.

Masks and COVID-19

  • Mark Loeb (Pathology and Molecular Medicine/IIDR) spoke to the CBC News about when, how and why you should wear masks. MSN, Yahoo and MedNewsLedger picked up the story.

Pregnancy in a pandemic

  • Dustin Costescu (Obstetrics and Gynecology) spoke to Elle Magazine about what you need to know about pregnancy, birth and newborns during the pandemic.

Is the healthcare system prepared for a surge?

  • Mark Loeb (Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences/IIDR) spoke to Now Toronto about about whether social distancing measures in place now will blunt the impact – saying this is the quiet before the storm.

Recreating a virus

  • Arinjay Banerjee (Pathology and Molecular Medicine/IIDR) spoke to The Week-India about his efforts in isolating the virus. The Link also wrote about the research.

Financial challenges to finding a coronavirus vaccine

  • Charu Kaushic (Pathology and Molecular Medicine/IIDR) spoke with CBC Radio about how with financial support labs can ramp up their efforts, and the more scientific brain power applied to the problem the better.

University researchers sending supplies to hospitals on the front lines

  • CBC News noted that with research labs shutting down Lesley MacNeil (Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences) is among the many researchers gathering supplies for local hospitals. MSN and Maclean’s picked up the article.

Glimmers of hope on an otherwise bleak landscape

  • Modern Mississauga updated a previous story about Dayo Olakulehin a McMaster-trained physician who set about to re-engineer the ventilator used in hospitals, a simpler less expensive version that it can be produced more quickly.

Coronavirus leaves Canadian Olympic athletes in limbo

  • Mark Loeb (Pathology and Molecular Medicine/IIDR) spoke to TSN about the likelihood that even those who self-quarantine for 14 days would be able to begin spending time with others.

Scientists see no quick end to the coronavirus battle

  • Jonathan Dushoff (IIDR/Biology) spoke to the Globe and Mail about modelling the virus spread He also spoke to spoke to 570 News and 680 CJOB about flattening the curve.

Hamilton doctor answers your questions

  • Ahmad Firas Khalid (Health Policy) answered questions about the COVID-19 virus for CBC Hamilton.

McMaster researchers get $1.8 million to fight COVID-19

  • The Hamilton Spectator reported on research funding for projects led by Gerry Wright (Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences/IIDR) and Karen Mossman (Pathology and Molecular Medicine/IIDR) that are focused on helping the search for antiviral treatments and vaccines.

Isolating the virus

  • Karen Mossman (Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences/IIDR) wrote a piece for The Conversation Canada about the strides made by the Canadian research team that isolated the virus. Mossman also spoke to Global News and there was further coverage in The Asian Connection.

Why is it so difficult to get tested for COVID 19

  • Matthew Miller (Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences /IIDR) spoke to CBC News about the clinical relevance of tests, suggesting what physicians are doing mostly is just trying to stabilize patients by treating their symptoms, not by treating the virus directly. The article was picked up by MSN.

In a global pandemic, is there such thing as a safe Olympics?

  • David Earn (IIDR/Mathematics) spoke to The Score about waiting for when we’re past the epidemic and people can enjoy the Olympics safely.

In other news:

McMaster grad joins Minister Garneau’s team

  • ipolitics reported that Blake Oliver (BHSc program) is joining Minister Garneau’s office as policy advisor on surface transportation issues.

A stellar proposal

  • The Hamilton Spectator wrote about Catherine Friedman (Obstetrics and Gynecology) and Babak Karamy (Surgery) becoming engaged under the domed ceiling at the McCallion Planetarium at McMaster University.

Lack of treatment for opioid use in Canada’s prisons and jails

  • Several local news outlets picked up a previously posted article at The Conversation Canada by Claire Bodkin (Family Medicine) about the need for better opioid use treatment in correctional facilities.
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