Laura Harrington, who has a background both as a research scientist and senior administrator at McMaster University, has been appointed assistant vice-president of the Faculty of Health Sciences, effective Jan. 1, 2019.

"I am thrilled to join the excellent team of senior administrators in the Faculty, and contribute strategically to support the academic mission of the Faculty and the University," she said.

Harrington has been the managing director of the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging since June 2016. Previously, she worked as project/managing director for the Forward with Integrity Initiative and the Labarge Optimal Aging Initiative for the University, and during that time she was involved in several strategic projects for the Faculty and the University. This followed her experience as a laboratory manager and earlier as a research scientist for McMaster's Department of Chemistry.

Harrington is a McMaster alumna with a PhD in chemistry (2004) and Master of Business Administration (2017). She has been involved in several pan-University committees, and she is a member of the Joint Boards of Governors for St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton and its Research Institute.

In her new role, she will be the most senior administrator of the Faculty, and a key liaison between the University and the Faculty on administrative issues. She will lead the finance, human resources, capital, space, facilities and risk management portfolios, and she will also have oversight of the central Faculty research institutes.

"I am very pleased Laura is taking this new position," said Paul O'Byrne, dean and vice-president of the Faculty of Health Sciences. "She is widely respected within the University community with demonstrated skills as an effective communicator, leader of complex projects, and an ability to drive strategic results."