Mixed Lineage Kinase Domain-Like (MLKL) Protein: An Immunometabolic Nexus of Cardiovascular Disease - Dr. Adil Rashid, University of Ottawa

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Nora Roberge

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Dr. Rasheed obtained his doctoral degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Toronto in 2017. Under the supervision of Dr. Carolyn Cummins he investigated the effects of the liver x receptors on modulating cholesterol mediated defects in endothelial progenitor cells in the setting of atherosclerosis. Dr. Rasheed then pursued postdoctoral research under the mentorship of Dr. Katey Rayner at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Here his research started with an examination of necroptosis in the atherosclerotic plaque. Since these initial observations, Dr. Rasheed’s work has extended to the identification of MLKL as a regulator of lipid trafficking in key hematopoietic reservoirs, including macrophages in the plaque and splenic endothelial cells that maintain hematopoietic stem cells. For this work, Dr. Rasheed is a co-applicant on a CIHR Project Grant with Dr. Rayner and has received the University of Ottawa Endowed Fellowship. He has also received numerous talk and awards for his research, most recently being selected as a finalist for the ATVB Elaine Raines Young Investigator Competition and receiving best oral presentation at the 2022 Canadian Lipid and Vascular Summit Conference.


  1. Define the contributions of necroptosis to the advancement of the atherosclerotic plaque
  2. Identify the role of endocytic trafficking of lipids on the cell-specific dysfunction contributing to atherosclerotic plaque development

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