Oligo Synthesis Prices

McMaster Accounts--Please note that prices are estimates only, and subject to change. 

Pricing while on the IDT portal will appear lower, because they do not include HST (added later during invoicing).

 25 nmol
100 nmol
250 nmol
4 nmole Ultramer1.00 µmol 
Size limitations (bases)15-605-90 5-10060-2005-100 
Cost per base$0.26$0.50 $1.00$1.00$1.78 

Desalt, ethanol pptno chargeno charge no chargeno chargeno charge
not available$46.00$70.00not available$110.00

not available$55.00$83.00not available$133.00

5'- chemical phosphorylation$21.00$27.00$27.00$21.00$46.00
5'-biotinylation$50.00$60.00$60.00 $50.00$110.00
phosphorothioate backbonenot available

please inquire

please inquire

please inquire

not available

deoxyUridine (Per Base) $10.00$11.00 $12.00$10.00$16.00
deoxyInosine (Per Base)$10.00$11.00 $12.00$10.00$16.00
fluorescent labelsplease inquireplease inquire please inquirenot availableplease inquire
8-oxo-dG CEnot availableplease inquire please inquirenot availableplease inquire
other modificationsplease inquireplease inquire please inquireplease inquireplease inquire

External Customers Prices

 25 nmol 100 nmol200 nmol Ultramer DNA1.00 µmol
Size limitations (bases)15-60 5-905-90 60-2005-100
Cost per base$0.28 $0.52$1.08 $1.08$2.14
All other prices the same

Delivery Charge

AccountMcMasterExternal Customers
Delivery ChargeNot applicable

FedEx rate to customer destination

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