Whole Genome and Targeted Re-Sequencing: 

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) involves making a DNA library of the genomic DNA, and sequencing the entire library, until you obtain enough coverage to reconstruct your genome.  However, if your organism of interest has already been sequenced, and a reference sequence is available or if you are only interested in specific parts of the genome, you may want to enrich for a subset of your library fragments. 

Many kits are available that target the entire exome, transcriptome, or specific parts of the genome.  Depending on your genes of interest, pre-made panels or custom probes may be purchased. Generally, libraries are made using a standard library preparation method, then the library is annealed to biotinylated probes that will sequester the fragments with the targeted sequence, while the non-targeted library pieces will be washed away.   The targeted fragments are then eluted, amplified, and sequenced.

Costs will vary, depending on the kit used, the number of probes required, and how much sequence coverage is required per sample.  We would be happy to give you a quote for any project.

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