Amplicon Sequencing:

Metagenomic sequencing of bacterial 16S rRNA (V3, V4, or V3-4) are available through The (Michael) Surette Lab .  They also offer DNA extraction and PCR amplification services. If you are interested in having your samples included in a future 16S rRNA run, please contact the Surette lab about their services.  

Any other PCR amplicon can be sequenced, however, you will have to follow these guidelines for Amplicon NGS Sequencing.  You will have to ensure that the indexes (i7 and i5) do not clash with other samples in the pending sequencing run, so you will first have to let us know which index combinations you will be using for your samples.

Once prepared and optimized, please fill out the following  Amplicon Spreadsheet for Nextera Indexes  and email it to  All shared amplicon sequences are run on our MiSeq platform.  Generally, they are 2x250 or 2x300 base pair runs.  Depending on how much coverage you require, a percentage of the run will be allotted for your samples.  If you have a lot of samples, or if you samples have not been adequately optimized, you may need to fill the entire run yourself.

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