Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) (Illumina NextSeq 2000, MiSeq, HiSeq-1500, PacBio Sequel I) 

Next Generation Sequencing includes many different sequencing applications of genomic DNA, RNA, and PCR amplicons.  Whole genome sequencing, re-sequencing and targeted sequencing can be performed on any genomic DNA.  For long reads, the PacBio Sequel I is available.  This platform requires very high quality DNA.  Please contact us before you begin your DNA extractions.

The Illumina MiSeq and HiSeq offer high-throughput shorter reads. For smaller genomes (bacterial, viral or phage DNA), the Illumina Nextera XT library kit is predominantly used. For larger genomes, the NEBNext® Ultra™II DNA kit (New England Biolabs) is used for genomic DNA library preparations.  The two library kits we use are very robust.  For the Illumina Nextera XT library kit, small amounts are needed (1ng). The NEB Ultra II DNA kit DNA input ranges from 0.5 ng to 1 ug. 

We prepare all types of libraries in house.  We also accept customer-made libraries, however, our QC analysis will be required.  DNA libraries are QC analyzed to estimate library size and concentration in order to determine loading input for the sequencer.

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