Nanostring nCounter Analysis:


Nanostring nCounter technology can “count” targeted RNA molecules within a total RNA preparation in order to determine relative abundance within that sample.  A maximum of 800 targets (genes) can be counted within each sample and all targets are normalized according to built-in controls and designated housekeeping genes.  With as little as 100 ng of total RNA, one can obtain the equivalent of 800 qPCR results, simply within one reaction.  This is especially advantageous when only a small amount of RNA is available.


Nanostring ready-to-use gene expression panels containing up to 770 genes are available: Oncology, Immunology, Neurscience and miRNA panels.  Alternatively, you can design your own smaller panels (Custom CodeSets) or design panels that can later be added to (Elements TagSets).  We are happy to help you determine which product would best suit your research.  DNA and protein analysis can also be performed on our nCounter, though not as common.  Analysis is accomplished using the freeware provided by Nanostring called nSolver (latest version is 4.0). 


Please contact us or Nanostring customer support for a quote.  When submitting samples for Nanostring, please fill out this Nanostring Submission Form and email it to

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