prices last updated:  June 2020

While we do stock some items on-site, you may order any item from IDT or FroggaBio using their on-line ordering and have it shipped directly to our lab.  In order to receive free shipping, please write "Please send to McMaster Genomics Facility Biobar, HSC-3N4" in the comments section.  Please note that these prices are estimates, and subject to change.

IDT reagents in stock                                                                                                       IDTlogo

Nuclease Free Water10 x 2ml$18.50 CDN
Nuclease Free Water300 mL$16.50 CDN
TE pH  7.5 (1X TE Solution)10 x 2 ml$21.00 CDN
TE pH 8.0 (1X TE Solution)10 x 2 ml$21.00 CDN
TE pH 7.5 (1X TE Solution)300 mL$21.00 CDN
TE pH 8.0 (1X TE Solution)300 mL$21.00 CDN
Nuclease Free Duplex Buffer10 x 2 mL$18.50 CDN
Nuclease Free Duplex Buffer300 mL$21.00 CDN
Nuclease Decontamination Solution250 ml$41.00 CDN


FroggaBio items in stock                                                                                                FroggBio2



RedSafe [20,000x]1ml21141$79.00
1Kb DNA Ladder500ulDM010-R500$49.00
1Kb DNA Ladder5 x 500ulDM010-R500K$125.00
1Kb DNA Ladder10 x 500ulDM010-R500M$199.00
100bp DNA Ladder500ulDM001-R500$49.00
100bp DNA Ladder5 x 500ulDM001-R500K$125.00
100bp DNA Ladder10 x 500ulDM001-R500M$199.00
BLUeye Prestained Protein Ladder500ulPM007-0500$119.00
BLUeye Prestained Protein Ladder3 x 500ulPM007-0500K$327.00
BLUeye Prestained Protein Ladder6 x 500ulPM007-0500M$594.00
Premium low-retention filter tips, 1000ul
8 racksFT1000$69.00




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