Clinical Placements

Each midwifery practice group has been assigned to one of the three universities that offer midwifery education as a placement site. The McMaster student placement area spans from Oakville to Windsor and Guelph to Niagara Falls

Please note: if there is a shortage of placements in McMaster region, it is possible that placements will be offered from other two sites.

Expectations of students during Clinical Placements

Clinical terms comprise at least half of the program and students need to be prepared for the following:

  • You need to be ready to work long and unpredictable hours.
  • It is not possible to maintain a part-time job.
  • Students must be prepared to relocate for clinical terms.
  • Students must be prepared to assume all transportation costs.
  • Students are required to travel to more than one site per day including to clients homes, hospital and clinic sites.
  • Students must have access to a vehicle and hold a G2 or G licence prior to the first clinical placement course and for all subsequent placement courses.
  • Students must have a cell phone for all placement courses.

 Living arrangements during Clinical Placement

During a clinical placement, students are expected to live within a reasonable travel distance to the practice workplace according to the norm of their allocated practice in order to appropriately attend to clinical care and meet course objectives. A common standard is a 30 minute travel time to the midwifery practice in regular travel conditions.

Midwifery Practices Affiliated with McMaster by Region

The program will attempt to place you in midwifery teaching practices in the region of your choice within the specific geographic practice area allocated to the McMaster Midwifery Program.

Please note that:

  • McMaster’s geographic area may be subject to change without notice
  • There is no guarantee that you will always be placed within the McMaster geographic area. You must be prepared to relocate anywhere in Ontario for the midwifery clinical terms. Midwifery clinical terms comprise four semesters of the program and you will be placed in at least two midwifery practices, possibly in two different locations. You must be prepared to assume all transportation and accommodation costs for clinical terms. Again, careful financial planning plus willingness to commute and/or temporarily relocate is essential. 

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