Congratulations to the MODR investigators who received funding from the McMaster COVID-19 Research Fund.

Stream 1 - Research with Immediate Impact

Principal Investigator: Rick Austin, Medicine
Co-Investigator(s): Karen Mossman, Pathology & Molecular Medicine; Jakob Magolan, Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Project Title: Small Molecule Inhibitors of Cell Surface GRP78 for the Treatment of COVID-19

Principal Investigator: Noel Chan and Guillaume Pare, Medicine
Co-Investigator(s): John Eikelboom, Emilie Belley-Cote, and Salim Yusuf, Medicine; Richard Whitlock, Surgery
Project Title: Assessing Coagulation Biomarkers to Accelerate the Discovery of Effective Therapies for COVID-19 (ACT-COAG sub-study)

Principal Investigator: Andrew McArthur, Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences
Co-Investigator(s): Robyn Lee, University of Toronto; Michael Surette, Medicine; Nahuel Fittipaldi, Public Health Ontario
Project Title: Addressing the COVID-19 Crises in Long-Term Care Facilities and Hospitals in Ontario Using Genomic Epidemiology

Principal Investigator: Nikhil Pai, Pediatrics
Co-Investigator(s): Marek Smieja, Pathology & Molecular Medicine; Jeffrey Pernica, Pediatrics
Project Title: A Prospective, Observational Study on the Diagnosis of COVID-19 Infection from Stool Samples of Children and Adults

Stream 2 - Research Aimed at Longer-term Outcomes

Principal Investigator: Katherine Morrison, Pediatrics
Co-Investigator(s): Jess Haines, University of Guelph
Project Title: Impact of COVID-19 on Child Health

Principal Investigator: Sandeep Raha, Pediatrics
Co-Investigator(s): J. Marshal Beier, Political Science & Social Sciences; Rebecca Collins-Nelsen, Interdisciplinary Science & Pediatrics; Benson Honig, Human Resource Management; John MacLachlan, Geography and Earth Sciences; Kimberly Dej, Interdisciplinary Science; Karen Balcom, History
Project Title: Digital Community Engagement: A Collaborative Discovery Platform for the Future

Read the full list of recipients here.