Expanding on the definition of the incretin axis - Dr. Jonathan Campbell - Duke University



Start 18 March, 2021, 12 PM

End 1 PM


1280 Main St. West



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E-Mail: modr@mcmaster.ca


Jon Campbell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine and the Department of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology. His research interests focus on the mechanisms that regulate postprandial metabolic homeostasis. Specifically, his lab studies the effects of incretin hormones and meal induced peptides, on metabolic
outcomes, with a focus on islet hormone action. Dr. Campbell's recent efforts have detailed the importance of alpha- to beta-cell communication, revealing a new role for glucagon in the postprandial state.


  1. Understanding how proglucagon peptides produced by alpha-cells regulate betacell function and glucose metabolism
  2. Understanding how the incretin hormone GIP enables communication from the
    gut to the islet in response to food intake, acting on both alpha- and beta-cells

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