Obesity and Cancer: Is there a Role for New Drugs or Old Tricks? - Dr. Rachel Perry - Yale University



Start 18 February, 2021, 12 PM

End 1 PM


1280 Main St W




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E-Mail: modr@mcmaster.ca


Rachel Perry is an Assistant Professor of Cellular & Molecular Physiology and Internal Medicine (Endocrinology) at Yale University. Her training involved the development of stable isotope tracer methods to assess metabolic physiology
and pathophysiology. Since opening her lab, Dr. Perry has focused on how obesity contributes to the cancer epidemic. Her lab uses tracer techniques to understand how novel anticancer agents, as well as an ancient technique, exercise, may slow tumor growth.


  1. Describe the association between hyperinsulinemia and obesity in murine models of colon and breast cancer.
  2. Identify the metabolic mechanisms by which insulin appears to drive tumor growth in the models presented.
  3. Identify multiple potential therapeutic targets for obesity-associated breast and colon cancer through reversal of hyperinsulinemia.

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