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CEAPR Poster - The CALIPER Initiative V3


Start 12 June, 2020, 12 30 PM

End 1 30 PM


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: Dr. Khosrow Adeli, Head & Professor, Pediatric Laboratory Medicine and Senior Scientist Research Institute 
The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto 

Clinical laboratory reference intervals serve as health-associated benchmarks that enable clinicians to interpret laboratory test results and facilitate clinical decision making. Unfortunately, critical gaps currently exist in accurate and up-to-date pediatric reference intervals for accurate interpretation of laboratory tests performed in children and adolescents. These critical gaps in the available laboratory reference intervals have the clear potential of contributing to erroneous diagnosis or misdiagnosis of many diseases. To address these important gaps, several initiatives have begun internationally by a number of bodies including the KiGGS initiative in Germany, the Aussie Normals in Australia, the AACC-National Children Study in USA, the NORICHILD Initiative in Scandinavia, and the CALIPER study in Canada. Dr. Adeli will review the recent worldwide initiatives in pediatric reference intervals and discuss the concept and feasibility of common reference intervals. Dr. Adeli will also discuss the recently published CALIPER reference interval database. CALIPER has recruited over 12000 healthy children and adolescents and has developed a comprehensive database of age and gender specific pediatric reference intervals for over 180 biochemical markers, based on a large and diverse healthy children cohort. The CALIPER database is based on a multiethnic population examining the influence of ethnicity on laboratory reference intervals. The data has proved to be of global benefit and is being adopted by hospital laboratories worldwide. To facilitate communication and clinical implementation, freely accessible mobile and web applications have recently been developed by CALIPER targeted to laboratory professionals, pediatricians, family physicians and families. The CALIPER apps enable clinicians to interpret laboratory test results for medical laboratory tests in children and adolescents using the CALIPER database of healthy children and adolescents.