Dr. Arthur Cheng, York University

Dr. Cheng-Dec-5-19-MODR-SS (00000002)


Start 5 December, 2019, 12 PM

End 1 PM


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Dr. Arthur Cheng is an Assistant Professor at York University in the School of Kinesiology and Health Science. Dr. Cheng is a McMaster alumni having earned his H.B.Kin in the Department of Kinesiology. His postdoctoral studies were completed at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden in the lab of Dr. Hakan Westerblad. Dr. Cheng's research interests are on the calcium-mediated regulation of skeletal muscle contractile function. His focus is on identifying the cellular mechanisms of skeletal muscle weakness and fatigue in healthy and diseased states. Using a unique intact single muscle fibre model, the Cheng lab can link changes in cytoplasmic free calcium concentration to alterations in muscle force generation under various conditions.


  1. To highlight the importance of calcium as a major regulator of force generation
  2. To learn about the cellular mechanisms of skeletal muscle fatigue
  3. To understand how exercise-induced fatigue can be used as a stress test to reveal metabolic dysfunction in diseased muscle