Equity & Diversity

The mandate of the Associate Chair of Equity and Diversity (ACED) is to measure and address inequities within the Department of Medicine by gender, ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, and disability.

Current Initiatives underway:

  • Biennial survey of Faculty, next due in Jan 2023
  • Equity Checklist for all new Faculty Recruits
  • Standardized advertising and interview process for leadership positions
  • Unconscious Bias training for Chairs of Selection committees
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion statement for new recruits
  • Testing a novel method for reducing bias and avoiding groupthink in selection procedures called DaVne led by Dr. William Harper. Learn more by listening to their interviews on 'This Is How We Do It' Podcast of Women as One. Harper, W. On Gaming the System - Part 1. and Anand, S. On Gaming the System - Part 2
Dr. Sonia Anand, Associate Chair Equity and Diversity (ACED)
Dr. Sonia Anand, Associate Chair Equity and Diversity (ACED)

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The mandate of the Associate Chair of Equity and Diversity (ACED) is to measure and address inequities within the Department of Medicine by gender, ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, and disability. This webpage is to help aid the Faculty in understanding issues regarding Equity and Diversity as it applies to Faculty members. We will also post resources you may find informative when considering these concepts in your clinical, education and research roles. If you have a specific interest and would like to participate in the development of events, programs, and materials, please contact us!

Advisory committee

Manali Mukherjee PhD

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Parental Leave Guidence

Congratulations on the new addition(s) to your family. This document is meant as a guidance document for clinical faculty in the Department of Medicine.
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Parental Leave Policy

This policy, which includes pregnancy leave and parental leave, is designed to facilitate reasonably flexible arrangements at the time of birth or adoption of children and is in compliance with current applicable provincial and federal legislation.
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Racism in Medicine

Dr. Anand, June 2020
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Our Department 2020

This survey had a very good response rate of 74% with 253 responses. The infographic shows the profile of respondents by division, gender, rank and ethnicity. It includes the proportion of respondents who have received formal training in unconscious bias (57%) and equity and diversity (55%).
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A majority of faculty expressed their significant about acquiring COVID, and the impact of the COVID pandemic on their clinical practice, and scholarly activities. Furthermore, the transition of managing working from home, care of dependents, and home-schooling children was reported as substantial. We also observe the excess burden of hours spent doing the job and burnout reported by female faculty.
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This infographic shows the 2020 survey data as compared to 2019 survey data. There have been some small improvements, and other components have not changed. There is a greater awareness now of the DoM policies to address unprofessionalism.
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Our Department 2019

The equity and Diversity survey was administered in Jan 2019. This survey was undertaken to better understand issues of equity, diversity and professionalism within our Department. The survey was administered to all GFTs by email in an anonymous fashion. The response rate was 199/330 = 60%.
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Currently, the Department does not have any Indigenous faculty members. Our learning comes from involvement with the Indigenous Health Initiatives in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Individual non-Indigenous Department members do work with Indigenous partners in education and research. https://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/health-policy/indigenous-health-e
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Indigenous Health


Determinants of Indigenous Peoples' Health edited by Margo Greenwood, Sarah De Leeuw, Nicole Marie Lindsay, Charlotte Reading. 
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Physicians with Disabilities


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Canadian Association of Physicians with Disabilities




The Health of LGBTQIA2 Communities in Canada. Report of the Standing Committee on Health by Bill Casey, Chair. June 2019.



A brief whiteboard video to learn more about issues of EDI in Academy. Understanding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Academy by Dr. Sonia Anand
Brooks D, Chan T. Sponsorship & Mentorship. MacPFD Spark Podcast.




Harper, W. On Gaming the System - Part 1. This Is How We Do It Podcast. Women as One.
Anand, S. On Gaming the System - Part 2. This Is How We Do It Podcast. Women as One.





Advisory committee

Manali Mukherjee PhD

Full Biography

Manali Mukherjee PhD

Full Biography

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