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The Department of Medicine's Communities of Practice is a unique approach to interdisciplinary collaboration. The structure deploys a Matrix organization model, drawing talent into each group from across various subspecialties of Medicine.  

The soft wiring of the hierarchy means ease of lateral collaboration and allows a shared perspective and good ideas to come from anywhere. Leaders can be in and out of the COP structure without confusing their formal roles in the Medicine hierarchy, removing potential conflicts with their time. 

An ‘extracurricular’ vibe and focus on professional development removes anxious urgency and engenders more ’flow’. 

The development of this unique structure fosters a special culture that broadens the leadership skills of those involved while providing useful insights to the Chair of Medicine.

CoP leaders act on ambitious goals that have the potential for a McMaster legacy and external impact. The level of excitement that rises from cross-disciplinary collaborations is extremely valuable, fostering an ecosystem of interaction and opportunity.

The Communities of Practice large group leader meetings run bi-monthly and include a professional development component. 

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Dr. Mark Crowther

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