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Welcome to McMaster’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Program. 

The McMaster Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency program has a long and storied history. Many past graduates have gone on to become influential clinicians and researchers in their areas of interest. We have exceptional teaching faculty members who have expertise spanning the large spectrum of physiatry practice. The residency program is pleased to offer the full complement of physical medicine and rehabilitation disciplines. In addition to the fundamental physiatry areas of clinical expertise, we are fortunate to have both oncology and pediatric rehabilitation clinical rotations. The program has also kept pace with recent advancements in image-guided interventional therapy and many staff have incorporated these principles into their practice. Graduates from our program are well equipped to work in either academic or community practices. We are privileged to have several of our past graduates return to our program and further enrich our training experience. 

The residency program has gone through an evolution over the years and now comprises one of the largest residency programs in the nation. I am honoured to work with some of the brightest and hardworking resident groups in the country. Our residents are encouraged to pursue their research interests as well as fellowship training. Residents are actively engaged in our program planning committees as well as their own social event planning. The feedback from our residents is highly valued and it has led to innovations in our training program including the development of the case series curriculum. I am excited to see how our program develops over the years to come as we embrace competency-based medical education.

Dr. Simran Basi
Dr. Simran Singh Basi, MD, FRCPC, CSCN (EMG), Dip. Sports Med.
Residency Program Director, Assistant Clinical Professor


The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) Residency Training at McMaster University is a 5-year program. We have a large diverse and accomplished faculty. Our Regional Rehabilitation Centre is an exceptional facility adjacent to the region’s largest General Hospital.

Our curriculum is under continuous development. We revamped the Academic Half Day schedule to occur every Wednesday afternoon, providing learners with a multitude of knowledge and skills, including OSCE performance, ultrasound for procedures, and Quality Improvement protocols. Journal Clubs are also held every month.

Recently, we introduced Resident Case Rounds, driven by residents who saw an opportunity to enhance education. They are held every Thursday morning via videoconferencing. The rounds are designed to help residents develop their clinic problem-solving skills while reviewing important concepts as they relate to interesting cases.

Additionally, we have implemented new rotation opportunities for residents, such as the Anatomy rotation, and the Academic Development rotation.

Research and opportunities to present are available within the program, as well as mentorship provided by our Research Director. Residents are required to conduct a scholarly project from inception to completion during their residency program and may choose to focus their scholarly project on quality improvement (QI).

Our graduating residents are well-positioned to assume careers in academic and community-based practices or to pursue additional training in specialized fellowships.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must apply through the CaRMS R – 1 Main Residency Match: 

Full CMG & IMG applicant requirements and deadlines can be found on the CaRMS website

Current Residents

Anthony Adili
Max Goodwin
Emily Milko
Ramona Neferu
Kate Wortley
Kevin Zhang
Michael Pollock
Katie Cheliak
Gabriella Ghanem
Monty Sawalha

Program Graduates

Celina Lin
Matthew Berardocco
Beverley Chow
Akil Siva
L. Woodrow
Eugene Maida, Fellow
Adrian Opala, Fellow
Garry Palak, Fellow

Program Overview

The goal of the McMaster Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation program is to train qualified students to become exemplary specialists in all the disciplines of PM&R. The residency program includes core rotations as outlined under the program curriculum.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are well-positioned to pursue careers in either academic or community-based practices. Some graduates consider further sub-specialization through post-program fellowships. 

The PM&R program provides strong supports through faculty instruction and mentorship in all core disciplines and electives. This large diverse resident group is also a source of mentorship and support. Most of our training takes place at the Regional Rehabilitation Centre.


About the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Program:

In 2009, the Regional Rehabilitation Centre opened its doors to centralize Rehabilitation services to residents of Hamilton and the surrounding area. It currently houses inpatient Acquired Brain Injury, Stroke, Spinal Cord, and Amputee rehabilitation programs for a total of 112 inpatient beds.

Our residents spend most of their core rotations here which also enables them to participate in robust outpatient Physiatry clinics. Our current outpatient visits per year surpass 30,000 and include Musculoskeletal and Interventional Physiatry treatment. The majority of academic events and meetings, such as the weekly Academic half-day and the annual OSCE examination, take place here and it is considered the Physiatry Residents’ “home base”.

The building is also physically connected to the Hamilton General Hospital, which is the region’s trauma centre. This enables resident involvement in acutely injured individuals’ care, as well as close collaboration with the specialties of Neurology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, and Radiology.

Lastly, the centre is approximately a 10-15 minute drive from all the other major hospitals in Hamilton, which permits relatively easy commutes and attendance of other rotations and electives


Competence By Design (CBD)

We, along with all Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation programs across Canada, are transitioning to a Competency by Design curriculum as of July 2020. This transition has allowed us the opportunity to reflect on the execution of our program and its curriculum. With faculty and resident input, we have transformed our residency curriculum to better optimize a learner's educational experience. These are just a few changes we are implementing:

  • Earlier introduction to physiatry rotations
  • Less time spent on off-service rotations 
  • More time spent on core physiatry rotations
  • Senior/junior rotations to enhance learning
  • Junior attending rotations to increase resident responsibility

We are very excited about the positive changes that Competency by Design will bring to our program.

PGY1 (13 Blocks):

● TTD (2):



○ PM&R Intro Rotation (1)
○ MSK Rehab (1)





○ CTU (3)
○ Sports Medicine (1)
○ Chronic Pain (1)
○ Medicine Selective (1)



■ Diagnostic Radiology
■ Palliative Care
■ Psychiatry
■ Emergency Medicine
■ Pediatrics
■ Anesthesia
■ Cardiology
■ Critical Care
■ Family Medicine


○ Surgical Selective (1)


■ Neurosurgery
■ Plastics
■ Urology
■ Vascular Surgery


○ Orthopedic Surgery (2)
○ Rheumatology (2)

PGY2 (13):



○ Geriatric Consults (1)
○ Neurology (2)


● CORE (8):


○ Elective (1)
○ 9/12 of:


■ Stroke (2)
■ ABI (2)
■ P&O (2)
■ Stroke (2)
■ EMG (2)
■ MSK (2)



















PGY3 (13):



○ Remaining 3/12 of:


■ Stroke (2)
■ ABI (2)
■ P&O (2)
■ Stroke (2)
■ EMG (2)
■ MSK (2)


○ Cardiac rehab (1)
○ Oncology rehab (1)
○ Senior Rotation (4):


■ ABI (1)
■ P&O (1)
■ Stroke (1)
■ SCI (1)


○ Peds (3)
○ Elective (1)












PGY4 (13):


○ Junior Attending (Inpts.):


■ ABI (1)
■ P&O (1)
■ SCI (1)
■ MSK (1)
■ Stroke (1)


○ Elective (7)
○ Neuromuscular (1)






















PGY5 (13):


○ EMG (1)
○ Elective (6 - 12)


■ Community rotation
■ Junior attending block
■ EMG exam-related
■ Fellowship related
■ Interventional skills
training related electives
(anesthesia, radiology,





















Simran Singh Basi

MD, FRCPC, CSCN (EMG), Dip. Sport Med.
Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Basi, Simran
Assistant Clinical Professor
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Program Director

Nora Cullen

Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Cullen Nora
Professor, CAWAR
Division Director for PM&R, Chief of PM&R at HHSC and St Joseph’s Healthcare

Celina Lin

Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Month - Dr. Celina Lin - RRC - 21.05.06 - Web Size-001
Associate Professor
CBD Competency Committee Chair

Paul Stacey

Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Placeholder portrait image for Paul Stacey
Assistant Clinical Professor
Residency Training Associate Program Director

Ann-Marie Turner

Placeholder portrait image for Ann-Marie Turner
Manager, Education Programs

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