The Department of Medicine held the Annual Awards Dinner on Thursday, November 19th and had a great turnout. Thank you to all faculty members who attended the shortest but very special virtual dinner. 

Awards, Promotions and Key Role Recognitions


Dr. Alberto Caminero Fernandez.  He was appointed as the Douglas Family Chair in Gastroenterology Research for a three-year term beginning July 1, 2019.

Dr. John Neary was awarded the Boris Chair in General Internal Medicine and is the new Medical Director of the Boris Clinic. 


Dr. PJ Devereaux -- Director, Division of Cardiology

Dr. Judah Denburg -- Director, Division of Clinical Immunology and Allergy

Dr. Hertzel Gerstein -- Director, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Dr. Akbar Panju --Director, Division of General Internal Medicine; Associate Chair, Clinical and T&P committee member 

Dr. Nader Khalidi -- Director, Rheumatology Training Program  - (Program Director)

Dr. Kevin Woodward --Director, Infectious Diseases Training Program (Program Director)

Dr. Agnes Chmiel -- Director, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Training Program (Program Director)


Dr. Doug Richards (EM) -- Member, AFP Financial Management Committee

Dr. David Cowan (Geriatrics) -Member, AFP Financial Management Committee

Dr. Roman Jaeschke -- Member, Internal Career Awards Committee

Dr. Tim O’Shea -- Member, Internal Career Awards Committee


Dr. Khalid Azzam

Dr. Premsyl Bercik

Dr. Azim Gangji

Dr. Sanjit Jolly

Dr. Nader Khalidi

Dr. Roma Sehmi


Dr. Waleed Alhazzani

Dr. Zain Chagla

Dr. Teresa Chan

Dr. David Conen

Dr. Barbara Connolly

Dr. Jeffrey Dickhout

Dr. Paul Forsythe

Dr. Susan Goodwin

Dr. Philip Joseph

Dr. Matthew Miller

Dr. Kelvin Ng

Dr. Natya Raghavan

Dr. Matthew Sibbald



Ms. Karen Moffatt


Graduate Education:   Dr. Peter Gross  

Postgraduate Education:   Dr. Christine Ribic  and  Dr. Nader Khalidi

Undergraduate Education:  Dr. Jill Rudkowski


Dr. Leslie Martin – W. Watson Buchanan Clinician Educator Award

Dr. Nathan Hambly – AFP Clinician Educator Award

Dr. Emilie Belley-Cote - E.J. Moran Campbell Internal Career Research Award

Dr. Marie Pigeyre - AFP Internal Career Research Award

Dr. Kanjana Perera – Medicine Internal Career Research Award

Dr. Flavia Borges – Medicine Internal Career Research Award

Dr. Mike Walsh – Mid-Career Research Award


Dr. Jeff Ginsberg

Dr. Kieran Killian

Dr. Lawrence Hart

Dr. Luke Janssen

RESEARCH DAY AWARD WINNERS – This was held virtually in May

Paul O’Byrne Research Grant:  Wendy Ye and Jinbaek Kim    

Supervisors: Dr. Anne Woods, Dr. Azim Gangji, Dr. Anne Boyle

Paul O’Byrne Research Grant:  David Putman   

Supervisor:   Dr. Judah Denburg

Parveen Wasi Medical Education Research Grant: 

Wendy Ye, Jaymee Shell, Aram Karkar,  MacKenzieTurpin    

Supervisor: Dr. Leslie Martin

Christopher Patterson Grant in Geriatric Care:  Victoria Chuen    

Supervisor: Dr. Joanne Ho

Hamilton Health Sciences Patient Safety Grant: Sanjay Sonney     

Supervisor:  Dr. Steven Wong

Chief Medical Resident Award:       Laura Goodliffe

Chief Medical Resident Award:       Ankur Goswami

Chief Medical Resident Award:       Torrance Oravec

Hui Lee Senior Medical Resident Award:         Olivia Cook

Hui Lee Senior Medical Resident Award:         Waseem Hijazi

Hui Lee Senior Medical Resident Award:         Nischal Ranganath

Hui Lee Senior Medical Resident Award:         Michael Rheaume

Akbar Panju Professionalism Award:                Tamoor Afzaal

Oral Presentation, Silver    Omar Ibrahim

First Place Scientific Poster      Carly Barron

Second Place Scientific Poster     Teresa Semalulu

First Place Clinical Poster      Tauben Averbuch

Second Place Clinical Poster     Waseem Hijazi

Oral Presentation, Gold         Anasuiya Surendran

Oral Presentation, Bronze    Jason An

First Place Scientific Poster   Megan Guay

First Place Clinical Poster      Xena Li

General Internal Medicine Faculty      Dr. Haroon Yousuf

General Internal Medicine Faculty      Dr. Zahira Khalid

General Internal Medicine Faculty      Dr. Leslie Martin

Subspecialty Faculty Teaching Award     Dr. Zain Chagla

Community Preceptor Award       Dr. Matt Chamberlain, Waterloo campus

Community Preceptor Award       Dr. William Ciccotelli, Waterloo campus

Dr. Jeff Ginsberg Award –  Dr. Andrea Cervi and  Dr. Richard Kenji Onizuka

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