Dr. Haider is the Lead and Developer for the CANMUS registry (Canadian Mucormycosis Registry) where the aim is to define the epidemiology, speciation of mucormycosis, treatment, and outcomes. He also participates in a study to define the burden of HCV in Haemophiliacs in Canada using the Canadian Blood Disorders Registry(CBDR) and applying the Cascade of Care to identify barriers to engagement in care. Dr. Woodward’s research focus is on HIV prevention (PrEP). He is a co-investigator in the Ontario PrEP Cohort and co-Investigator of Scaling Up PrEP Implementation, both of which are CHIR funded. Dr. Khan received funding from Hamilton Health Sciences to study antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent post-procedure urinary tract infection and voiding cystourethrogram.

Dr. Smaill is the Principal Investigator of a CIHR funded study on the safety and potency of a new tuberculosis vaccine delivered by inhaled aerosol to humans. CIHR and co-investigator on a study to improve vaginal health to decrease the biological risk of HIV-1 infection in Canadian Women. Dr. Mertz received a grant from HHS to prevent Clostridium difficile infections by identifying  asymptomatic carriers. Dr. Loeb’s research team published the largest genetic study on dengue of > 9,000 participants showing that genetic variants across the genome can cause a large increase in risk of dengue hemorrhagic fever. This study was published in the Lancet journal EBioMedicine.  His group completed a 3-year study comparing adjuvanted influenza vaccine to standard-dose vaccine in children. This is the first study to assess the effect of adjuvanted influenza vaccines to produce herd immunity.  In the past year, Dr. Loeb exceeded his enrollment target of 5,000 participants in an MRC UK funded global MRC trial of influenza vaccine to prevent myocardial infarction, stroke, and other adverse vascular events. This study is being conducted in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa and is the largest study of its kind. 

Dr. Mertz continues to conduct a multi-site cluster randomized trial of antibiotic prophylaxis for cardiac surgery. Drs. Mertz and Loeb published an important study assessing pregnancy as a risk factor for severe influenza using data from >180,000 patients from centres from all over the world. This study raises doubt about whether pregnancy is really a risk factor for severe outcomes of influenza infection. Over this past year, Dr. Mertz and Loeb led work that has contributed to the World Health Organization’s AWaRe program for the 2019 Essential Medicines List which has become a global antibiotic stewardship tool.  Dr. Loeb has been leading a CIHR funded cohort study to better understand the natural history of people with Lyme disease in Canada.  Dr. Loeb is funded by a CIHR Foundation Grant.

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