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Welcome to the Hospitalist Fellowship program at McMaster University.

Dr. Haroon Yousuf, Program Director
Dr. Haroon Yousuf, Program Director


There is an increasing demand for physicians with hospitalists medicine training. Given the aging population, there are additional demands placed on hospitals in the management of older and more complicated patients. In addition, discharge planning and disposition are complex and require a multidisciplinary approach. The aim of the Hospitalists Fellowship Medicine Program at McMaster University is to train physicians in hospital medicine who can oversee these complex patients.

The one-year curriculum is designed to provide the trainees with a broad exposure to different fields of medicine to develop competencies in the oversight of these patients. The curriculum includes rotations in GIM, Medical Stepdown, Stroke, Cardiology, Geriatrics, Hematology-Oncology, Addictions, Wound Care, Palliative Medicine as well as providing the trainees an opportunity to select four medical specialties rotations all of which are two weeks each. This flexibility in the curriculum provides the trainees an opportunity to identify and fill in knowledge gaps.

Given the depth of knowledge and skill that is required to become a hospitalist, the fellowship committee has not made research a mandatory component of the curriculum. If fellows are interested in pursuing research, they will be supported in this area.


Certification outcome

The successful completion of the fellowship will grant a Fellowship McMaster Certification.

Entry Requirements

Resident in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Emergency Medicine Training Program or completion of a four-year General Internal Medicine program or medical subspecialties program outside of Canada.

Application Deadline

- Six Months prior to start date.

Goals of training

The overall training objectives for the Hospitalist Fellowship Program are:

· Gain the ability to manage an inpatient ward independently with proficiency

· To be able to collaborate with health care providers to optimize patient care

· Manage acute complications and demonstrate proficiency in medically urgent situations

· Gain proficiency in patient flow and safe and effective discharge planning

· To gain a contextual understanding of hospital administration and structure

· To gain a broad exposure in managing patients in various medical specialties

Medical Expert:

· Master complex discharge planning to various discharge locations, including home, long term care, convalescent care or palliative care

· Ensure safe and appropriate follow up plans were in place for patients

· Demonstrate an understanding of common factors leading to readmission and implementing strategies to reduce risk of readmission

· Demonstrate improved knowledge and management plans for common medical issues encountered on a general medicine ward

· Demonstrate an understanding of common procedure technique, risks and benefits on the general medicine ward such as thoracentesis, paracenteses, knee aspiration, lumbar puncture, arterial blood gas and skin biopsies

· Show an understanding in bedside POCUS skills


· Demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively with consultative services

· Demonstrate skills in communication with patient and families to ensure shared decision making

· Demonstrate appropriate communication skills with patients and families for advanced care planning discussions and palliative care discussions

· Write effective discharge summaries to ensure clear communication with primary care physicians and physicians in the community


· Develop an understanding of the various roles and responsibilities of the allied health team for multidisciplinary care on the medical ward

· Develop effective collaborative skills with other consulting services to ensure effective care for patients

· Able to work effectively in an interdisciplinary team to optimize patient care


· Implement processes to ensure personal practice improvement (review and complete a practice audit).

· Reflect from the results of the practice audit and outlined areas of inefficiency and plans to improve


· Ability to recognize unprofessional behavior and respond appropriately

· Interact with patients, families, office staff and other providers appropriately both in the office setting and in between visits


· Able to describe the principles of maintenance of competence and implemented a personal knowledge management system

· Pose appropriate learning questions that stem from clinical encounters with patients

· Trainees will develop a personal learning plan covering the core learning objectives of the rotation

Health Advocate:

· Display an understanding of the ethical and professional issues inherent in health advocacy, including altruism, social justice, autonomy, integrity, conflicts of interest and idealism

· Demonstrate an understanding of available community support and showed the capacity to mobilize these resources for patients

Length of Training

Duration: 1 year



Curriculum highlights

1. Grand Rounds

2. Journal Clubs

3. Rounds

4. Committee Meetings: Examples below

  • Oncology Committee
  • Pharmacy Reconciliation Program
  • Quality Control
  • Readmission/Reduction
  • Bed Flow & Allocation

5. Possible Quality Improvement projects (not mandatory)

6. Scholarly Project

7. Research

8. Simulation Sessions

9. Academic Half Day: Topics Below

  • CAD
  • CHF Management
  • Stroke
  • Respiratory Failure
  • AKI
  • Chemotoxicity

Supervision & Feedback

The McMaster Hospitalist Fellowship Training program utilizes a variety of assessment tools to enhance our learners’ education in building competency. Some of the tools utilized for evaluation include:

1. ITARs

2. Written exam


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