Geriatric Clinical Pharmacology

Fellowship Program at McMaster

Older adults are at increased risk due to their increased burden of illness and polypharmacy. This geriatric psychiatry clinical pharmacology fellowship is an interprofessional program dedicated to medication optimization among older adults with multiple medical and psychiatric diseases.
Dr. Tricia Woo, Program Co-Director
Dr. Tricia Woo, Program Co-Director
Dr. Joanne Ho, Program Co-Director
Dr. Joanne Ho, Program Co-Director

Entry Requirements

Eligible applicants require board certification or equivalent training in adult psychiatry, internal medicine, geriatric psychiatry, geriatric medicine, or clinical pharmacology and toxicology.


Interested applicants for the 2020-2021 year may apply through

Goals of Training

  • Acquire clinical experience in geriatric medicine, clinical pharmacology, and geriatric psychiatry in a highly interprofessional learning environment, and in different clinical settings (e.g., outpatient, long-term care, hospital).
  • Grow their knowledge base in clinical pharmacology (pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics), drug-drug interactions, drug-disease interactions, conducting an appropriate medication review (both intrinsic and extrinsic), prescribing and deprescribing, as well as personalized medicine.
  • Acquire competency in telemedicine and apply this technology to educational and interprofessional collaborative settings.
  • Acquire knowledge translation skills: knowledge synthesis through literature reviews, rapid review for drug information, geriatric pharmacology educational opportunities.
  • Increase research experience in drug safety among older adults: pharmacoepidemiology, medication education, knowledge synthesis.

Joanne Ho

Geriatrics; Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology
Joanne Ho
Assistant Professor
Geriatric Clinical Pharmacology Program Director