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Division of the Department of Medicine at McMaster

Welcome to the Division of Geriatric Medicine in the Department of Medicine at McMaster University! We are a regional team of academic geriatricians with diverse experience, talents and interests.

Our purpose:

We find our meaning in 3 key areas: service of the clinical needs of frail older adults in our region, discovery of new knowledge that will deepen understanding and lead to improved geriatric medical care, and education of current and future health care providers working alongside us.

This work builds on a foundation that prioritizes development of the best systems of care for older adults, strong collaborations with cross-disciplinary partners, and close attention to balance in order to support group success and faculty achievement. We have 5 robust teaching sites within Hamilton and outstanding educators in our community rotations, offering clinical rotations for 140+ learners annually. Our residency program enjoys a highly successful match annually.

Geriatric Education and Research in Aging Science (GERAS), established in 2013 at St Peter’s Hospital, is the core active centre for aging research in our division. Faculty members are also leading innovative programs of research within the Schlegel-UW Research Insitute for Aging (RIA), and St Joseph’s Health System Centre for Integrated Care.   

Our values:

The need for geriatric expertise and advocacy has never been so vital. Our work is relevant and important, and it intersects with almost all specialties. For long term health and sustainability, we know that it must be designed in a way that is meaningful and manageable for ourselves and our teams. This is a core division value.

Our strengths:

We are proud to have a reputation for being approachable, collaborative, and excellent teachers. Our partnerships with other subspecialties have forged exciting fellowship programs such as geriatric nephrology, and geriatric clinical pharmacology & psychiatry affiliated with GeriMedRisk. The natural integration of our Regional Geriatric Program (RGPc), GERAS, and the academic division is a powerful formula that has launched many successful endeavours. For example, educational programs like the Geriatric Certificate Program, are recognized nationally as premier training for our interdisciplinary health care workforce.

Our vision:

Medicine at McMaster University has an academic legacy of originality and being unbound by convention. This culture helps us to see broad possibilities and to creatively address challenges that we face today. We are enthusiastic to explore new ways of care, research and education while staying true to what is essential.

If you are curious to learn more about our division and what we do, please contact us.

Dr. Joye St. Onge, Division Director
Dr. Joye St. Onge, Division Director

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