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Welcome to the Division of Geriatric Medicine in the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. The Division has had many successes and underlying its success has been the faculty’s dedication and desire to provide compassionate evidence-based and sustainable specialized geriatric care. With COVID-19’s unprecedented impact on frail older adults within our health care system, there has been a need to reduce further the gaps in care and improve the attitudes towards older adults. The Division will work towards improving its support, engagement, and care for frail older adults and build collaborative partnerships with
older adults, family/friend caregivers, their health care professionals, and academic and community partners.
Outstanding Features
The Division members have been integral in the development of research and interprofessional capacity building programs (i.e. Geriatric Education and Research in Aging Science Centre GERAS©, GeriMedRisk©, iGeriCare©, Geriatric Certificate Program- GCP©,  Geriatric Skills Workshop & others) which promote innovative and sustainable evidence-based practice for older adults. Our members have collaborated with a consortium of expert health care researchers and educators across Canada and internationally which has increased the visibility and demand for our expertise and innovations. These programs have focused on capacity building for our patients, their family/friend caregivers and health care professionals. In recognition of their outstanding accomplishments, our faculty members have received well over 20 local, national and international awards and recognition for their accomplishments over the past five years.
Future Direction
COVID-19 has shown us that we must, as a division, advocate, support and work with older adults, their family, health care partners, and care providers to improve the care and quality of life of our older adults. The impact of navigating our complex health care system has been challenging for our older adult patients, their caregivers and health care providers. To improve access, equity, and promote continuum of evidence-based care, the division will work to provide integrated and coordinated service to our growing older adult population with diverse and complex needs within acute care and community-based settings. The division will remain passionate and committed to providing care, education and research that focuses on the “voice of older adults” to understand and listen to each of their stories.
The Division of Geriatric Medicine's strategic priorities will guide the work of its members. The priorities will include: increasing the presence of the division to ensure the older adult’s ‘voice’ is being heard at all times; enhancing innovation in education, promoting  Geriatric Medicine and it’s research and educational initiatives both internally and externally to meet the needs of our patients and community partners; and building strong internal and external collaborations to implement identified goals related to clinical service, education and research.

Dr. Joye St. Onge, Division Director
Dr. Joye St. Onge, Division Director

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