Endocrinology & Metabolism

Division of the Department of Medicine at McMaster

The Division of Endocrinology comprises eight full- or part-time endocrinologists; an internist and geriatrician who are associate members; and an endocrinologist clinical scholar. The Division is responsible for the undergraduate endocrine curriculum and postgraduate endocrine teaching. It also supplies ambulatory endocrine and diabetes services as well as tertiary in-patient consultations.
Highly productive, creative and effective researchers and educators underlie the Division’s local, and international reputation for excellence. The divisional faculty members provide inpatient and/or outpatient care at all of Hamilton’s teaching hospitals, and are involved in all aspects of the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum. Their research productivity is reflected in an extensive list of grants and publications.
Divisional faculty provide both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and support a full subspecialty fellowship program in Endocrinology and Metabolism which accommodates up to two fourth-year residents and up to two fifth-year residents at any one time.  Divisional faculty are also involved in supervising and examining MSc and Ph.D. students, write national clinical practice guidelines, develop quality assurance initiatives, lead Canadian Medical Education initiatives, speak internationally on topics, and educate the public about diabetes, osteoporosis, and other endocrine disorders. All members of the Division are directly or indirectly involved in research that spans the spectrum from genetics, biochemistry, and physiology to epidemiology and large international clinical trials comprising thousands of individuals.
Specific areas of interest and expertise can be found within each individual member’s profile.

Dr. William Harper, Division Director
Dr. William Harper, Division Director

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