Do you have a big idea or exciting project you want to explore for commercialization potential? Expand your learning this fall through the Health Venture Program (HVP). This 12-week, self-directed, professional development certificate program teaches you key concepts in health innovation and commercialization.

Clinicians, researchers, industry professionals and students of all levels are welcome to join our virtual fall cohort starting September 14, 2020*.

Session Dates: September 14 – December 11, 2020

What You'll Learn: HVP follows a DEFINE, DESIGN, ACTIVATE framework.


In the first part of the program, you will learn how to DEFINE a relevant problem in healthcare. You will review several innovation approaches and key principles of human-centered design and apply your deepened understanding of value creation to define an impactful problem to solve. We will also explore market research and problem validation approaches.


In the second part of the program, you will learn how to DESIGN a solution to an impactful problem. This will include intellectual property considerations (to protect your hard work!) and how the information you obtain from market research and customer validation activities inform your iterative development approaches. We finish this section by discussing team creation and finding the right advisors.


In the third part of the program, we explore how different health innovations vary in the considerations that must be implemented to ACTIVATE a project and create impact. How do we manage projects where regulatory approvals are the key barrier to entry? Are there different considerations for digital innovations and direct-to-consumer innovations? After assessing these topics, we conclude by learning how to fund your work and "pitch” your project.

Program Cost: $499

  • The program costs gives you access to educational resources, assignments, and knowledge assessments. In addition, you will receive feedback on your assignments, monthly 1:1 coaching, connections to industry professionals, and invitations to exclusive seminars with subject matter experts.

Application Process:

For more information, please email

*Due to the busy nature of September, the deadline has been extended to September 28, 2020. Students will be given the opportunity to access previous lessons if they join after the September 14, 2020 start date.