Principal investigator

Kolb, Martin MD, PhD

Co-principal investigator

Gauldie, Jack PhD, FRSC, DSc

Clinical trials team

Goodwin, Sarah BA, RRT, CCRC
Hambly, Nathan MD, FRCPC

Lab manager

Duan, Fuqin

Post-doctoral fellows

Bellaye, Pierre-Simon PhD in cellular and molecular biology, Burgundy University (Dijon), France, November 2013
Shimbori, Chiko PhD in medicine, Shimane University, School of Medicine (Japan), March 2011

Graduate students

Upagupta, Chandak

Undergraduate students

  • Mengyu (Phoebe) Zheng (co-op)
  • Cindy Yu (volunteer)
  • Jae (Greg) Byun (volunteer)


  • Aaron Froese (PhD)
  • Antje Ask (post-doc)
  • Chandru Hanumegowda (post-doc)
  • Daniela Farkas (technician)
  • Eva Baroke (post-doc)
  • Gordon Gray (Undergraduate)
  • Jiaji Xia (Undergraduate)
  • Lazslo Farkas (post-doc)
  • Kjetil Ask (post-doc)
  • Nolan Wheildon (Masters)
  • Shyam Maharaj (PhD)

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