Nursing Research Rounds - Debwemagad: It is true: Indigenous Research Perspectives & Data Sovereignty


Start 16 March, 2020, 4 30 PM

End 6 PM


MDCL 3020 - 1280 Main Street West




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Alex Lee

Phone: 9055259140 x22340


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TOPIC: Indigenous Health Research

Title:  Debwemagad: It is true: Indigenous Research Perspectives & Data Sovereignty

  1. To gain awareness regarding the contexts of historical and contemporary Indigenous research reform.
  2. To learn about Indigenous knowledge and ethics and the Indigenous data sovereignty movement.

TIME: Monday, Mar 16 from 4:30 - 6:00 pm.
A light meal will be provided.

Indigenous research is situated in a context of reclamation and renewal. Reclamation of Indigenous truths/ways of knowing and being and renewal of how we engage in research by and with Indigenous people. Indigenous peoples historically have always been collectors and preservers of data within multiple modalities. Indigenous researchers and Indigenous communities continue to gather our stories, teachings and experiences about how we understand and share information among ourselves and with the world around us. Contemporary academic and community expression of this important work is manifested within Indigenous data sovereignty (IDS) frameworks. This workshop aims to introduce our inter-professional health/research colleagues to IDS and identify areas of intersectionality.

We invite you to attend. These rounds aim to foster dialogue about research across units and investigators and learners at the School of Nursing, as well as our partners and community members. They give us an opportunity to learn from investigators in the school and elsewhere and to co-consult about new and ongoing projects. These rounds are meant to complement those held by various research groups within the School, the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the community. They are also meant to be a vehicle for conversation about ideas and possible collaborations with our partners. Partners will also be welcomed to present, including clinicians and students who are interested in initiating research projects, and who may wish to receive feedback and suggestions from experienced researchers in the School of Nursing.

 We look forward to seeing you at Research Rounds!

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