Indigenous Health Education Strategic Plan


The Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to the development and implementation of a comprehensive, ‘whole-of-Faculty’ Indigenous health initiative that reflects the principles and values of a reconciliation based approach as documented by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

Faculty Leadership and Support


To foster the development of culturally safe skills for non-Indigenous faculty, staff, and administrators through the implementation of formal cultural safety training.

To foster the development of a culturally safe learning environment for all Indigenous learners within the Faculty of Health Sciences.

To increase the number of Indigenous faculty members within the Faculty of Health Sciences and foster a culturally safe environment and experience for them.

To increase Indigenous cultural awareness among all faculty through the arts and experiential learning

To support new scholars engaged in Indigenous health research in collaboration with the McMaster Indigenous Research Institute.



To develop and sustain a reciprocal relationship with Indigenous communities at the regional, provincial, 
and national level by collaborating with clinical partners and other post-secondary institutions.

To support and sustain Elders’ and Knowledge Helpers’ work within the Faculty of Health Sciences.

To support Indigenous student recruitment and retention in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

To develop a strong Indigenous presence within the Faculty of Health Sciences - at both structural and policy levels.

To achieve sustainability objectives related to the long-term operational goals of Indigenous Health in collaboration with local Indigenous communities.

To develop a centralized communication tool within the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Student Support and Services


To develop academic and financial support services for Indigenous students to enhance Indigenous student learning experiences within the Faculty of Health Sciences.

To develop a positive and culturally safe environment where Indigenous students can achieve academic and social success, and mental health and well-being.

To improve and evaluate current services provided to Indigenous students.

To recognize and eliminate factors that limit Indigenous students from participating in learning and working opportunities.

To support Indigenous students explore education opportunities in Health Sciences



To develop research partnerships on campus and with Indigenous communities to advance Indigenous 
health research initiatives across the Faculty of Health Sciences.

To increase awareness, understanding, and capacity of both undergraduate and graduate students 
regarding Indigenous health research.

To foster innovative learning and research opportunities through national and international partnerships.

To develop an Indigenous knowledge and health research archive to educate students, staff, and faculty on Indigenous healing and wellness.

Education and Curriculum


To develop and incorporate core Indigenous education curriculum into the existing Faculty of Health Science undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate curriculum.

To increase institutional capacity to educate students and faculty members about Indigenous health and well-being through experiential education opportunities.

To collaborate with the other programs to review and supplement the delivery of core Indigenous health 
education curriculum.

To influence reform among cross-professional regulatory bodies and health education stakeholders.

Indigenous Ways of Knowing


To foster an ongoing collaborative and supportive working relationship with our Go di we na wa she/
Shkaabewis - Knowledge Helpers and their networks in the implementation of the FHS Indigenous health 
strategic plan

To co-create protocols, policies, and guidelines related to Indigenous ways of knowing that support and 
protect Knowledge Helpers, Elders, students, and community members.