• “Message from the Indigenous Health Lead”

    - Bernice Downey

Aanii! Seg:hoh! BoozHoo! Hello! Welcome!

Our Indigenous Health Initiative (IHI) team here in the Faculty of Health Science (FHS), at McMaster would like to welcome you to the 2020/2021 academic school year. In spite of these unusual times, we hope everyone had a relaxing summer and that you are looking forward to starting your Fall semester. For those who are new to the FHS, we hope the transition to your health science program is a smooth one.

We are pleased to announce that the IHI office is moving forward with the implementation of our comprehensive Indigenous health strategic plan. We have established priorities in several key areas including, curriculum, faculty recruitment, administrative reform, research collaboration, Indigenous knowledge, and of course, student services & support. A key structural element will be the establishment of an Indigenous Health Learning Lodge within the Faculty. More information will be shared via this website in coming weeks.

Although this academic year may look and feel different, we are sure it will still be an enjoyable experience as together we move forward through the pandemic and adapt to the challenges that present themselves. The IHI team works with both the Indigenous Students Health Sciences Office (ISHS) and Indigenous Student Services (ISS) to provide support for you throughout your time at McMaster.

Let us all look forward to a great academic year. We also wish everyone good health as we continue to mitigate risk related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Again, on behalf of myself and our IHI team, welcome and we wish you well in your studies for the 2020/2021 school year.