All Canadian students in the Health Policy PhD program receive guaranteed support during their PhD program. Currently, the standard level of support offered is $21,000 per year. International students should contact the program for current information on financial support.

Support for graduate students frequently includes stipends from the supervisors’ current research grants.  This possibility should be discussed with prospective supervisors. Other sources of support include teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and internal or external scholarships.

Additional information about the types and terms of financial support for graduate students is available at: Student Financial Aid and Scholarships - Government Student Aid OSAP

Tuition Fees

The School of Graduate Studies posts tuition and fee information at: Tuition Fees - Graduate Studies

Part-time enrolment is not an option for this PhD program.

Scholarships and awards

In addition to internal University support, students enrolled in the Health Policy PhD program are expected to investigate opportunities and apply for external awards. Many of our alumni and current students have been awarded prestigious awards including: Ontario Graduate Scholarships, Ontario Trillium Scholarships, Pierre Elliot Trudeau Scholarships, Michael G. DeGroote Doctoral Scholarship of Excellence, Vanier Graduate Scholarships, Queen Elizabeth II Scholarships and others. 

Information about major scholarships and awards can be found at the following websites:

Additional information on awards, forms and templates available to McMaster University students can be found at: