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The Graduate Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology Program now has its own website!

The Health Research Methodology (HRM) Program in the Faculty of Health Sciences provides training at the MSc and PhD level. The goal is to produce graduates with research methods skills that enable them to “push the boundaries of knowledge” relevant to improving clinical practice (including medical education research), strengthening health systems and enhancing population health. 

The HRM Program celebrates over 40 years of excellence and innovation in the training of clinical epidemiologists and health systems researchers.  

For more information on the HRM Program please visit the About Us page. 

A newly established administration, the NHSA makes coverage policies for drugs and non-drug technologies for China. It is tasked with making challenging decisions, with limited funds, related to health care coverage for China’s 1.3 billion people. Dr. Xie discussed how economic evaluation and health technology assessment (HTA) have been used to inform coverage policy-making in Canada and explored potential approaches and associated challenges in conducting and using HTA in China.

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