Our Faculty

Our faculty span the full range of clinical and health systems disciplines. Their research accomplishments are recognized globally and emphasize collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork.

The primary departmental resource for the HRM program is the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact (HEI). HRM faculty members are either full-time members of HE&I or associate and part-time members. Associate and part-time members are drawn from most if not all of the departments that make up the Faculty of Health Sciences as well as from departments in the Faculties of Social Science (e.g., economics, sociology, political science) and Science (e.g., geography and psychology). Full-time, associate and part-time members contribute regularly to the teaching and supervision of HRM students and are actively engaged in peer-reviewed research relevant to the training of HRM graduate students (in the case of faculty assuming roles as MSc and PhD thesis supervisors).

Interested applicants searching for a potential supervisor may first review the HRM Faculty List below, which lists the faculty members by Name, Field of Specialization, and Research Interest. Once an applicant has identified potential supervisors by topic, the applicant is encouraged to cross-reference their short-list with the Faculty by Graduate Faculty Status link to ensure that the faculty member is eligible for that particular role.

Questions? Email: askhrm@mcmaster.ca.

Fields of Specialization Information: click here