Current Students

HRM students have a broad spectrum of academic backgrounds at entry that includes medicine, nursing, rehabilitation sciences, social work, economics, math/stats, political science, sociology, geography and psychology.

Below is a selection of our current PhD and MSc students:

Benipal, Harsukh

Harsukh Benipal is a MSc student in the Health Research Methodology Program. She has a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) from McMaster University with an Interdisciplinary Minor in Community Engagement. She is completing a thesis-based Masters under the supervision of Dr. Anne Holbrook. Her research interests include evidence-based therapeutics and observational study designs, and her current work focuses on identifying predictors of oral anticoagulant-related safety outcomes among elderly patients during the high-risk post discharge period. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading and hiking. 

Bogach, Jessica

Jessica is currently in the Clinical Epidemiology stream of the HRM Program. Her research interests include oncology and general surgery.

Bozzo, Anthony

Anthony Bozzo was born in Montreal and attended medical school at McGill University, where he also completed a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and a minor in Finance. Anthony has just completed his third year of Orthopedic residency at MacOrtho and his subspecialties of interest are Oncology and Reconstruction. His research interests center around using novel data science and machine learning tools to better address questions in the field of Orthopedic Oncology. In his spare time, Anthony enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, cooking, yoga, and running the trails in Dundas.

Chen, Zhiyuan

I graduated from China Pharmaceutical University. I will be working with Dr. Feng Xie on HTA. My English name is Nora. My research interests include economic evaluation and systematic reviews. I am now learning Stata and R. I love reading, cooking and watching films in spare time.

Chin, Hyosuk

I am a 3rd year plastic surgery resident at McMaster University with an interest in microsurgical reconstruction. My research interests include evaluating the access and quality of oncologic reconstruction and improving the quality of research methodology in the field of plastic surgery.

Elderhorst, Erica

Erica is a registered Midwife working in Hamilton. She completed her BSc in Psychology with a minor in Biology at University of Waterloo in 2011 and BHSc in Midwifery at McMaster University in 2016. Erica was awarded the AOM Early Career Midwifery Research Grant and has been working under the mentorship of Dr Eileen Hutton and Dr Liz Darling. Erica’s research interests include non-indicated transfers of care and health economics within obstetrical care.

Elsheikh, Wagdi

Wagdi previously completed a MSc in Medical Sciences at McMaster University. He researched the chemo-preventative effects of NSAIDs in Colorectal cancer. After completing his previous MSc, he worked for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care focusing on Medical Radiation Device Policy and Regulations. Wagdi is working with Dr. Samaan researching the health complications of water contaminants.

Farrugia, Patricia

Patricia is an Orthopaedic Surgeon working and living in Hamilton. She completed her residency training as well as medical school at McMaster University. Patricia has additional training in Trauma and Foot and Ankle Fellowships at the University of Toronto. Her research interests include Trauma, Foot and Ankle and Medical Education. She enjoys reading and travelling as well as spending time with her family. Patricia is looking forward to learning from others and building on her research knowledge and experiences.

Germini, Federico

Federico was born in Perugia, Italy, where he attended medical school and emergency medicine residency.

His research fields include thrombosis, emergency medicine, systematic reviews, and quality of reporting.

He likes team sports, reading, hiking, and laying on the couch.

Gupta, Saurabh

Saurabh is a third-year cardiac surgery resident. His focus is on knowledge translation within cardiac surgery. Under Dr. Richard Whitlock’s supervision, he is working on projects involving peri-operative care of cardiac surgery patients; appropriate use of dual antiplatelet therapy and optimizing anticoagulation for patients with valvular heart disease.

Javed, Ayesha

Ayesha’s research interests include women's health, aging, epidemiology, and genetics. She has a BSc from McMaster University. She is an avid reader, and enjoy film and writing in her spare time. Ayesha’s thesis supervisor is Dr. Parminder Raina.

Koziarz, Alex

Alex’s research interests include systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and case reports in surgery. Regarding statistics, He is specifically interested in conducting trial sequential analysis for meta-analysis. On his free time, he enjoys powerlifting and BMX dirt biking. Alex’s MSc supervisor is Dr. Forough Farrokhyar.

Limbachia, Jayneel

Jayneel is a medical science graduate from Western University. He is working with Dr. Sonia Anand on maternal nutrition and its effect on cardiovascular illness in the South Asian population. When Jayneel is not thinking about science, he likes to play sports outdoors, play the guitar, dance to some music and go on some hikes. He wishes to pursue using his HRM knowledge as a clinician scientist in the future.

Maharaj, Arjuna

Arjuna completed his undergraduate degree in life sciences at McMaster and is excited to now be a course-based MSc student in the HRM program. Pursuing clinical and health related research has been something that he has been passionate about throughout undergrad. For the past 3 years, Arjuna has been a research student on the Paediatric Brain Tumour Study Group (PBTSG). Under the supervision of Dr Sheila Singh, the group investigates various oncological and surgical questions on the outcomes of brain tumour patients. He has also been able to work in the field of clinical ophthalmology where he has been studying the effectiveness of laser therapy on dry eye disease. Finally, and most recently, Arjuna has been able to work with HTM professor Dr David Meyre in studying the consequences of SNPs on obesity and related traits. Outside of academia, he enjoys playing and following sports such as basketball and soccer. He has also been a lifeguard and swimming instructor for the city of Hamilton for the past 5 years.

Moore, Courtney

After graduating with a double major (Honours BSc Life Science and BA Economics) from McMaster, Courtney is eager to begin the Masters of Science in Health Research Methodologies program. She looks forward to building on her undergraduate knowledge, especially pursuing courses and research in the Health Economic field. Courtney has previously worked at The Hospital for sick Children as a research student in the Department of Respiratory Medicine, as well as the Department of Rheumatology. She completed her undergraduate thesis in maternal health at McMaster Children’s Hospital. On a more personal note, she is passionate about her volunteer commitments, loves to travel, and is proud to captain the McMaster Varsity Golf team.

Naito, Ryo

Ryo has been a medical doctor in Japan for over 12 years. His major is a cardiovascular field. Ryo will engage in preventing cardiovascular diseases worldwide in the future. Hopefully, he can share knowledge and experiences with all of his colleagues through the HRM courses!

Noor, Salmi

My research interests include pediatric health and psychology, pediatric surgery and its relationship to developmental outcomes, qualitative analyses, community engagement and food & nutrition. My thesis supervisor is Dr. Magdalena Janus. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, dancing, travelling, photography and watching shows on Netflix!

Nussey, Lisa

Lisa is a Registered Midwife, currently on leave from active practice to pursue a Masters in the HRM Health Service Research stream. Her research interest is in barriers and facilitators to access to prenatal care specifically and access to high quality patient centred health care more generally. Lisa currently coordinates the Shelter Health Network Maternity Care Team, a group of midwives providing ad hoc, on call prenatal care to pregnant people accessing the shelter systems in Hamilton. She also sits on the Council and the Investigations Complaints and Reports Committee of the College of Midwives of Ontario.

Anna Parackal

Anna completed her BSc at McMaster specializing in Biology & Pharmacology. In the face of limited healthcare resources, her research interest is to investigate the clinical and cost effectiveness of new and existing drugs and medical devices. In her free time, Anna likes to travel, spend time with friends and family, she enjoys swimming and dancing as well.

Rosic, Tea

Tea is a third-year Psychiatry resident at McMaster University where I also completed my medical degree. My clinical and research interests are in addictions psychiatry and concurrent disorders, with a focus on outcomes in the treatment of opioid use disorder, as well as cannabis use. My research supervisor in Dr. Zena Samaan.

Talukdar, Jhalok

Jhalok’s research interests include global health ethics, research ethics, clinical trial, systematic reviews and mixed methods study design. I like photography, chess, table tennis, football and cricket. My thesis supervisors are Professor Lisa Schwartz and Dr. Melissa J Parker.

Thanabaian, Vitheya

Vitheya currently works in infectious disease research as a research coordinator in the department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine. Her interests are in health and disease research, particularly in the field of infectious diseases and epidemiology. Her long-term objective is to lead research initiatives that will improve medical practice, strengthen the clinical healthcare system and allow for more informed decision-making so that resources and services are delivered efficiently.

Thomas, Priya

Priya is currently pursuing her course based MSc in Health Research Methodology, under the supervision of Dr Hanna in the Division of Thoracic Surgery. In particular, she is interested in patient outcomes following lung cancer surgery, and the validation of current standards of patient care and follow up procedures using imaging techniques post-operatively. Priya is a recent graduate from McMaster’s Life Sciences program (undergraduate). She hopes to use the research skills and techniques she learns from this program to further develop my career aspiration of an academic physician.

Kumar Tyagi, Nidhi

Nidhi’s research interests include breast cancer, cardio-oncology, quality improvement of treatments, improving survivorship for oncology patients, and the effects of socio-economic status on oncological outcomes. For fun- she enjoys hiking and enjoying the beautiful outdoor in Hamilton region. Her thesis supervisor is Dr. Mark Levine.

Al-Jaishi, Ahmed

Ahmed has an MSc in Epidemiology from Western University and worked four years at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences. When he grows… he wants to lead his own research program focusing on methodology for conducting cluster randomized trials. Ahmed’s doctoral research centers on considerations for using routinely collected administrative data to conduct cluster randomized trials.

Darzi, Andrea

Andrea’s research interests include guideline development and adaptation methodology, Knowledge translation and health policy. She enjoys playing sports, doing outdoor activities and playing board games. Andrea also enjoys listening to music, dancing and reading. Her PhD supervisor is Dr. Holger Schünemann.

Devji, Tahira

Tahira’s doctoral research (Dr. Gordon Guyatt, supervisor) aims to improve how data from patient reported outcome measures are presented and interpreted in randomized trials, meta-analysis and clinical practice guidelines to inform evidence-based decision-making. Her other research interests include advancing methodology of meta-analysis, network meta-analysis, guideline development, and knowledge translation. Tahira is also the group lead for the Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development, and Evaluation (GRADE) Applicability Project group.

Ewusie, Jocelyne Efua

Jocelyne’s research Interests include interrupted time series, network meta-analysis, population & public health and maternal & child health. Statistical software she usually uses include R, SAS, SPSS and OPENBUGS. For fun, she enjoys watching soccer and basketball. She also loves to cook and dance. Jocelyne’s thesis supervisor is Dr Jemila S. Hamid.

Florez, Ivan

Ivan’s research interests include: Knowledge translation, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Evidence Implementation, Knowledge Synthesis (Systematic reviews, Network meta-analysis), Pediatrics and Child Nutrition.

Foroutan, Naghmeh

Naghmeh is a Pharm.D., with a Master`s degree in International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy, and a PhD in Pharmacoeconomics. Her research interest and focus is mainly developing practical methods and guidelines in pharmaceutical budget impact analyses.

Humphries, Brittany

Brittany is interested in studying the use and effects of medications from a social and economic perspective. She has a BA in Anthropology from Dalhousie University and an MSc in Pharmacoepidemiology from Laval University.

Kandasamy, Sujane

Sujane’s research interests include the following: mixed methods, lifecourse epidemiology, cardiovascular disease prevention, Indigenous health, public/patient/community engagement, integrated knowledge translation. Her thesis supervisor is Dr. Sonia Anand. Sujane is the co-founder of a non-profit organization (The Starfish Canada) and a personal business (Chrysalis Scientific Media).

Kennedy, Kevin

Kevin studies psychometric validation and health utility valuation of preference-based quality of life measures, supervised by Dr. Feng Xie. He is proficient with R, SAS, VBA, SQL, SPSS, and Python. He likes to unwind with walks in the woods and by reading science fiction. Kevin loves to run, play guitar, surf, scuba dive and do yoga!

Lytvyn, Lyubov

Lyuba’s thesis is on patient and public partnership in the development of clinical practice guidelines, supervised by Dr. Gordon Guyatt. Her interests are systematic reviews and meta-analyses of both quantitative and qualitative data, engaging stakeholders in research, patient values and preferences, clinical practice guidelines, shared decision-making, and health communication. Lyuba is also part of MAGICapp, a guideline authoring and publication platform, where she helps guideline authors to develop trustworthy recommendations and digitize their guidelines. In her spare time, she likes meeting new people, exploring different cultures, good food and coffee, hiking/being outdoors, and reading (especially acquiring knowledge she will likely never use).

Mayhew, Alexandra

Alexandra’s research interests include nutrition and sarcopenia. Her thesis (Supervisor: Dr. Parminder Raina) is evaluating sarcopenia definitions to discriminate between those with and without functional limitations in the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA). She is also a co-investigator on a CLSA sub study investigating scoring algorithms to improve dietary estimates.

Ng, Jeremy Y.

Jeremy’s primary interests and doctoral thesis (Supervisor: Dr. Jason Busse) relate to: natural health products; complementary, alternative and integrative medicine; and publication science/journalology. He holds a Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSc) from the Graduate Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto, and an Honours Bachelor of Biology (HBSc) from the Faculty of Science, McMaster University. He is the journal manager of the Journal of Natural Health Product Research, and serves as a board member of the Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada. He is also an active member of the International Society of Complementary Medicine Research, having served on the Canadian chapter’s conference planning committee multiple times.

Noori, Atefeh

Atefeh graduated in Master of Epidemiology and has a clinical background in nursing. Her PhD research (supervised by Dr. Jason Busse) focuses on the area of pain management and medical cannabis. Atefeh’s research interests include evidence based-medicine, systematic review methodology, meta-analysis, and randomized clinical trials. In her spare time, she really enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, watching movies, walking, cooking and swimming.

Pemberton, Julia

Julia’s doctoral research aims to develop new ways to think about global health research governance using a qualitative interpretive description framework to construct an understanding of how global health research governance is understood, developed and currently used in the Canadian health research system. Her study will also evaluate the reflexivity of the Canadian governance model in a current global health research partnership in Zambia, Africa.

Sadeghirad, Behnam

Behnam is a pharmacy doctor and hold a Master's degree in Public Health. His PhD research (supervisor: Dr. Guyatt) is on the applications of GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation) in nutrition with a focus on child health. His research interests include methodology of systematic review and meta-analysis, network meta-analysis, and evidence based medicine.